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Nate Berkus is a lot of things. He’s the star of his own television show, a renowned interior designer, and the bestselling author of two design books.  Beyond all that, he’s also a father, and has become quite the expert on all things parenting-related (he recently released a baby line for Target and his daughter Poppy is a guest star on the show he stars in with his husband, Nate and Jeremiah By Design). In celebration of Father’s Day, he partnered with Target to create a tablescape that’s equal parts simple and stylish.

Incorporating pieces from his Spring 2017 collection for Target, which includes everything from textured duvets to ceramic bowls in neutral shades and fun prints, Berkus shares his top tips for a chic Father’s Day lunch in a video. Read on to discover his ideas for a no-fuss holiday get together that both kids and parents will love.

On the food:

“Dads love tacos. I love tacos. I’m a dad. I can vouch for that being the truth,” says Berkus of the menu. He suggests setting up all the ingredients in a basket —specifically, this multipurpose wicker one from his Target line— to create a DIY taco bar.

On the decor:

The food can be kept simple, but to elevate the lunch to something worthy of a Father’s Day celebration, Berkus recommends basic upgrades that will make the meal feel special. “[An] easy way to do that: the first layer is a tablecloth, which could be a beautiful piece of fabric that you find. And the napkins are a fabric that we had sewn up at the drycleaner. It’s a little bit of an upgrade from a paper napkin to use a cloth napkin,” he says. Adding small touches like this turns your everyday lunch table into a fȇte-worthy tablescape.

Finding these small touches doesn’t have to mean a trip to the store, either; try repurposing items you already have—the tablecloth is actually a lightweight throw — for a creative approach to decorating.

On the centerpiece:

“For floral, as straightforward as possible,” says Berkus. He uses simple greenery (“these can be leaves from outside!”) and cuts them short, arranging them into three vases for understated centerpieces that tie the tablescape together. “Again, you can reuse all of these things for different holidays, but the point of this is making dad feel special,” he adds.

On getting kids involved:

The point of Father’s Day is having kids celebrate dad, so make sure your little ones are involved in the process somehow! Burkes recommends doing this via crafts, such as these pretty little God’s eye ornaments carefully placed as finishing touches (you can find instructions on how to make them here).

“These, I think, are my favorite thing. This is how you get the kids involved, and they’re very easy to make,” he says. “If you don’t want to do this as an art project, then you can do something else; just lay something on top of the napkin to make it feel special. Something that the kids helped you make that you supervised.”

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