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30 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas So You Can Avoid Resorting to Golf Tees or Socks

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We know that some dads aren’t exactly great at dropping hints when it comes to what they want. But you don’t have to default to a gift card on Father’s Day. If you’d like to get him something that doesn’t include a free pass to hit 18 holes, kick-start your search by thinking about what he loves the most. Is there a go-to restaurant order or cocktail he’s tried (failed) to replicate at home? A recent hobby he’s picked up? A new podcast he’s become obsessed with? 

The best unique Father’s Day gifts speak to his interests and passions, perhaps even an inside joke between the two of you or the whole family. And to us, they are also made with high-quality materials, sold for a limited-edition run, or are just plain cool. Read on for our running list of ideas for every budget. 

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $20

Yuanhe Jumbo Playing Cards

Yuanhe Jumbo Large Playing Cards Giant Deck of Cards, Amazon

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Imagine Dad unwrapping these in advance of family game night. This gaglike gift of jumbo-size playing cards (you have your choice between a pack as small as 5-by-7 inches and as large as 10.5-by-14.5) will be hard to hide from wandering eyes at the table. 

Rad Dad Keytag

Rad Dad Keytag, Various Key Tags

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Simple, straightforward, sweet. For the dad who can never think of an answer when you ask what he wants for Father’s Day, we bet he’d get a kick out of this keytag. Personalize it by choosing the color combo of his alma mater or perhaps his favorite team.   

Bowlcut x Ji Won Choi

Ji Won Choi Gochujang Sauce, Bowlcut

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Add more flavor to Dad’s sauce rotation with this limited-edition collaboration between Ji Won Choi and Bowlcut. Inside the pretty jar is a fresh take on the spicy chili paste gochujang. 

Design Ideas Toast It Coasters 

Set of 8 Design Ideas Toast It Coasters, Amazon

$17 $16
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Equivalent to a great dad joke, these toast-shaped cork coasters will get a chuckle out of fathers who like to pull a fast one on their kiddos. Flip the switch by handing him this one in its original plastic bag packaging that makes it look like you grabbed it at the grocery store. Dare we say it’s the best thing we’ve seen since sliced bread? (Har-har.)

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

Goal Zero Portable Solar Charger

Nomad 5 Portable Solar Charger, Goal Zero

$59.95 $47.89
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For the dad always on the go, gift him this 5-Watt solar panel that’ll keep all his gear—phones, headlamps, speakers, and essentially any USB-compatible device—charged up while away from a power outlet (read: hiking, camping, golfing). It’ll absorb optimal rays when attached to a backpack or sitting on a flat surface with its built-in kickstand. Our favorite feature? It’s on sale.

Braun Travel Alarm Clock 

Braun Travel Alarm Clock, ComingSoon

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An original Dietrich Lubs and Dieter Rams design will have Dad feeling like he’s living in the ’70s (sans shaggy haircut). All he needs is an AA battery for the crescendo alarm to gently lull him out of sleep at home or on the road.

Tie One on Cozie

Tie One On Cozie, House and Parties

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Dad may never attend a school function or family affair again without wearing this cozie-slash-tie; it’ll keep his favorite beverage cold while he (discreetly) imbibes.  

Pura Car Fragrance Diffuser

Car Diffuser, Pura

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Swap his car’s stale Little Tree with this smart scent device by the same brand behind our favorite plug-in air freshener. You might just have to help him download and set it up in the app first so he can comfortably control its potency. (Sound like too much? We also recommend this hands-free option by Purggo that naturally deodorizes.)

The Maison Premiere Almanac 

Cocktails, Oysters, Absinthe, and Other Essential Nutrients for the Sensualist, Aesthete, and Flaneur, Bookshop

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Help Dad shake something up with this guide to cocktails from the pros at Brooklyn’s Maison Premiere. “They are so much more than just cocktails, and so is this book,” one reviewer notes. “Oysters, absinthe, and the style that made Maison famous [are] all on display.”

Dad Grass x George Harrison All Things Must Grass Dad Stash

All Things Must Grass Dad Stash, Dad Grass

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This isn’t just a cassette tape of the iconic 1968 album. If someone needs to do a better job at hiding his flower, this container perfectly houses a box of Dad Grass CBD joints (or any others of his choosing, of course). 

Pattern Shakers by Dusen Dusen 

Pattern Shakers by Dusen Dusen, Coming Soon

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This set of beechwood S&P shakers bears the same squiggly pattern as the one carved into the designer’s own kitchen cabinets. 

Parts False Book

Parts False Book, Craighill

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Give Dad a hint to hide his techy eyesores on his office desk or in the living room with this weathered-looking faux book constructed with sturdy wood, paper, and velvet.  

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $100

Serax Fish & Fish Bottle 

Serax Fish & Fish Bottle in Cobalt, Food52

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For the dad who’d rather be on a boat than enjoying a brunch being thrown in his honor, show him you get it with this herring-shaped carafe designed by Italian artist Paola Navone.  

Plantasia x Happy Hour Prerolls

Plantasia x Happy Hour Pre-Rolls, Gossamer

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If your dad’s favorite way to wind down requires rolling papers and music, gift him this limited-edition set of Gossamer’s prerolled joints and the soothing, synth-filled Mother Earth’s Plantasia—all he needs to do is turn the volume up and get comfy. 

Puebco Tablet Stand

Tablet Stand, Puebco

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Puebco Tablet Stand, Burke Decor $58

This solid recycled-brass stand by Japanese brand Puebco can hold digital and physical cookbooks so he can more easily read a recipe. 

Iris Hantverk Shaving Razor

Iris Hantverk Shaving Razor, Goodee

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All-in-one electric razors are nifty at best but finicky at worst and definitely don’t look great when left out on the bathroom vanity. Trade in his trimmers for this sleek three-in-one shaver constructed of chrome-plated metal and beechwood; it’s a Swedish design that has remained virtually unchanged since the 1900s. To which we say: Why mess with a good thing?  

Classic Chess Game

The Chess Game, Burke Decor

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This isn’t just any chessboard—this wood game features an acrylic top and matching lacquered pieces that Dad can keep out on display when he isn’t playing.

Clam Lab Treasure Dish 

Treasure Dish, Clam Lab

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Keys, receipts, golf tees, spare change—if your dad has a tendency to misplace his miscellaneous items, gift him this handmade dish by Clair Catillaz with a note to put it by the front door. It’ll be the new keeper of things and elevate the entryway. A win-win for the whole house. 

Mercado Famous La Familia Specialty Bundle 

La Familia Specialty Bundle, Mercado Famous

$86 $78
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Sourced from Spain and 100% organic—gift him vacuum-sealed charcuterie that’s ready to snack on right out of the package. “We come from Spain. This is the real stuff that reminds you of the pueblo. Smoky flavor, great with Rioja,” one reviewer writes. 

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 Speaker

Wonderboom 3 in Spruce Green, Ultimate Ears

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For the dad who’s always pushing his personal playlist, we’re guessing his Bluetooth speaker is more akin to a faithful companion than a handy gadget. Consider upgrading him to Ultimate Ears’s Wonderboom 3. It pushes out 360 degrees of sound designed to be heard in the great outdoors, whether it’s tagging along in a golf cart or backpacking up a mountain. This little speaker is waterproof and can be easily transported via a carabiner thanks to a built-in loop. And he can pair it up with another speaker to amplify the soundtrack to his next exploit.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $200

Shinola Mackinac 4-Piece Barbecue Tool Set

Shinola Mackinac 4-Piece Barbecue Tool Set, Crate & Barrel

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This four-piece set, stored in a leather-trimmed canvas carrying case, is sure to delight the grill master in your family, whether that’s your dad, grandfather, or brother. “The quality is above standard,” one shopper shares. Another adds, “Pricey but worth it!”

Recess Pickleball Set

Go-To Gift For Him, Recess

$198 $178
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For the dad who has a competitive edge, join him on the court with brand-new pickleball gear. This giftable set includes a a fiberglass paddle, canvas and leather cover, and three-pack of balls; he’ll need to expend some energy while you both spend quality time together.

Triwa Ocean Plastic SUB Watch

Ocean Plastic SUB Watch, TRIWA

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Watch-collecting dads will appreciate this eco-conscious timepiece made with recycled ocean plastics. It’s durable enough to take on adventures (hiking, swimming, sunbathing) and stand up to labor-heavy job sites.  

Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve

Apex Slim Sleeve, Bellroy

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We know what you’re thinking—how is a wallet a unique Father’s Day gift? The Apex slim sleeve, however, may be the only solution to keeping Dad’s card-hoarding tendencies under control. The premolded, stitchless leather keeps every card and dollar bill securely in place, without bulging. 

Marvel Comics Library Fantastic Four 

Marvel Comics Library Fantastic Four, Taschen Books

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For the Stan Lee fanatic, this 700-page tome of the Fantastic Four’s first 20 stories—and one of 5,000 first-edition copies, might we add—is a rare find you won’t have to go hunting for at multiple comic-book stores. 

Marshall Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones 

Marshall Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones, Amazon

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Did Dad poke fun of you for getting the Airpod Maxes? We bet he’ll get behind these cordless over-ear headphones from a classic speaker brand.   

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $500

Ledge Loungers Giant Dominoes

Dominoes, Ledge Loungers

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If there’s nowhere else your dad would rather be than lounging in the backyard, consider gifting him this giant set of outdoor-friendly dominoes that he and your whole family can enjoy. Each of the 28 pieces are constructed with UV-stable, moisture- and mildew-resistant, high-density polyethylene resin in a trendy color combo of white and sage green.

Heliot Emil Exclusive Silver NM3 Edition Pourover

Heliot Emil Exclusive Silver NM3 Edition Pourover, Ssense

$305 $247
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We don’t think it’s a stretch to say that dads love their toys—gadgets, tools, appliances—and this stainless steel sculpture will blow any father away who’s serious about his morning brew. You can find a Chemex anywhere, but this Italian-made Helito Emil and NM3 collab stand, featuring a mirrorless finish and an angular steel cone, is exclusive to Ssense

Breville Joule Turbo Sous Vide 

Joule Turbo Sous Vide, Breville

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If Dad’s favorite dish is sous vide steak, but he can never quite get it right at home, Breville’s latest gadget may be a worthy splurge this Father’s Day. It’s the first upgrade to the brand’s Joule since 2015 and promises to cut cooking times in half with a new turbo mode feature you can control via an app on your phone.

Fatboy Floatzac Floating Beanbag Chair

Fatboy Floatzac Floating Beanbag Chair, Wayfair

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Float in style with this nautical-striped outdoor beanbag chair that can also be unfolded into a pool lounger. Reviews from Wayfair confirm this one comes not only husband-, but kid- and pet-approved, too.