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text & photography by JULIA BRENNER

Thousands of Instagram followers have a crush on creative buyer and style maven for the kid set, Danni Remender, and it’s easy to see why. As a working entrepreneurial mother of two young children (Edie, 7, and Tommy, 4) Danni is the super cool mom-friend we all want to hang out with, the one who inspires us by easily pulling off casual elegance and just enough oh-to-heck-with-it humor to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

As a British transplant to the states, Danni was drawn to the warmth and sun of southern California when setting up home for her young family. Danni and her husband Rick Remender (a renowned comic book writer and creator previously for Marvel and now for Image Comics) currently reside in a gorgeous one-story home just outside of LA. Their house, a wonderful mix of clean-lined minimalism and playful charm, perfectly reflects Danni’s personal warmth and openness. Danni keeps clutter to a minimum and the family takes full advantage of the surrounding outdoor living areas that are usable year round. This is a family home perfectly suited for living, playing, and creating. It is, quite simply, a minimalist’s dream home.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? I gravitate towards simple, classic pieces. A trench coat, stripes and converse are part of my everyday uniform. I also love to throw on a pretty floral dress. It makes me appear more put together and a little dressier.

DO YOU HAVE A PARTICULAR AESTHETIC THAT YOU LOVE? While the term minimal seems overused right now, I dislike stuff and clutter, both in my home and how I dress. That’s a harder thing to achieve with children, but the art of storage is not lost on me. I hope our home is warm with artwork that represents my family.

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE MEMORY OF STYLING YOUR SPACE/SETTING UP HOME? I loved decorating the children’s bedroom, especially framing their artwork, which we’ve been collecting, and seeing it expand ceiling to floor around their shared bedroom.

WHAT IS THE BEST COMPLIMENT YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED ON YOUR HOME? Our friends love to do holidays here because it feels inviting to them. It makes me so happy to have our home full of friends while making memories.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR HOME? The indoor / outdoor living is perfect for Los Angeles. We’ve moved around a fair amount, and very much appreciate days spent with the doors open.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE BELONGINGS AND THE STORIES BEHIND THEM? My husband has been collecting artwork for years, and we finally have the wall space to hang it. I want our house to be an extension of us, and blending artwork was one of the main things.

WHAT IS A TYPICAL DAY LIKE IN THE REMENDER HOUSE? I’m an early bird and need an hour or two to work and caffeinate before the rest of the Remenders wake. Both Rick and I are self-employed, which means you’re never really not working, but have the luxury of being available for the children. We try and maintain an amount of structure and routine in our days.