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Photography by AARON BENGOCHEA

It’s safe to say that when it comes to cooking, we’re not all created equal. Sure, one’s idea of a well-balanced meal may come in the form of a ready-made rotisserie chicken or a heap of ingredients tossed in a slow-cooker, while others pride themselves on making every last dish from scratch. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, we can all agree on the fact that arming yourself with a handful of the forthcoming hacks can make quite the difference in your kitchen endeavors. Read on for the fool-proof cooking hacks that will basically help you fake your way to the top. Well, almost.

Slice a pomegranate, sans making a massive, stain-ridden mess, by slicing between the ridges of the fruit. Get the full (easy!) tutorial here.

Photography by CODY GUILFOYLE

Peeling tomatoes can be a struggle for anyone who has tried but this easy hack is here to change all that. Simply submerge the tomatoes in boiling water for 30 seconds and place them in an ice bath immediately after—the skin will come off in one easy swoop.

Photography by POPSUGAR

Did you know that roasting a turkey in a pan that’s too deep can actually prevent the bird from properly cooking? Line the bottom of the pan with an overturned muffin tin to elevate the bird.


To easily write text on a cake, use a toothpick to dot out the shape of each letter before frosting.

Photography by WUESTHOF

Run a knife under cold water when cutting onions to prevent your eyes from watering.

Photography by TABLESPOON

Use a potato masher to smash avocados into restaurant-quality guacamole.

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Spray the inside of a measuring cup with non-stick spray when measuring out ingredients such as honey or peanut butter to avoid a messy clean up.


Scoop out excess tomato paste using a teaspoon and freeze for later.

Photography by FOOD52

Transform a baking sheet into a tart pan with tin foil. Here’s how!

Photography by THE KITCHN

When taking fresh corn off the cob,  place a small bowl upside down in a larger bowl. This lets you have easy access to the entire cob, and neatly collects the corn in the bottom.


Place garlic in a mason jar and shake vigorously to peel.

Photography by TABLESPOON

Fill a ziplock baggie with frosting and snip the tip for an impromptu pastry bag.


Remove the seed of an avocado by gently inserting the sharp edge of a knife into the seed and slowly twisting it off.


Have a waffle iron? Here are six things you can make with them – waffle donuts and egg quesadillas included.


Make plastic wrap easier to wrangle. All you have to do is store it in the fridge!

Photography by DIERBERGS

To evenly slice a cake, run a knife along its circumference, making minor indentations as you go around. Wrap the cake with dental floss, going along the perforated marks, until the two ends of the floss are paired. Pull the ends of the floss in the opposite direction until the cake is evenly split!

Photography by 12TH BLOG

Place a wooden spoon over a boiling pot to prevent the water from overflowing.

Photography by THE KITCHN

Place bell peppers directly on the stove top for an easy, grill-like roast effect.

Photography by A BEAUTIFUL MESS

Squeeze lemon over a fresh fruit salad to prevent the ingredients from changing color.

Photography by SAVEUR

Another makeshift roasting rack hack, simply create a foil coil (that’s fun to say) and place your bird on top.

Photography by BOREDWOW

Use a beaded necklace to create even, dazzling designs in your pie crust!

Photography by ASKINMASK.COM

Remove a head of lettuce’s core by smashing it on a counter, core side down. You can then pull the core out easily, and the head of lettuce is ready to chop.

Photography by SOUTHBYSE

A wine glass dipped in flour makes an excellent biscuit cutter, TBH.


Anyone can dip a balloon in chocolate, but this one’s extra special. Place a balloon in a bowl for stability, and drizzle chocolate over the top until you’ve created a bowl you love (to eat).

Originally published March 2016. Updated April 2018.

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