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You’ve thought about painting your cabinets. You’ve read all the articles heralding new hardware as an easy upgrade. You’ve even looked into low-cost ways to spice up your backsplash. But when it comes to imbuing a kitchen or bathroom with personality, there’s one area that often gets overlooked: the sink. This tiny detail is frequently glossed over as something that’s purely utilitarian, but if bright, colorful bathroom sinks prove anything, it’s that form and function can mesh in even the smallest of ways.

Colorful bathroom sinks are a growing trend in interiors, with a slew of companies ready to meet every style requirement. Kast’s newest collection includes a range of textured basins washed in rich hues. The Italian company Ceramica Cielo offers sinks in soft colors and a minimalist aesthetic. Australian brand Nood Co., which launched in 2017 and specializes in colorful cement furniture and sinks, has items available in virtually every shade under the sun that are perfectly suited to a rustic, Scandinavian-chic style.

As for how to decorate with your new colorful bathroom sink, the options are endless. Go bold with a color-blocking moment or make your new fixture the star of the space by keeping everything else pared-back. Here are nine spaces that have perfected the art of the colorful bathroom sink to lend some major inspiration. If you’re renovating, you’ll want to bookmark a few.


If you’re still here for Millennial Pink…

Photography by Nicole England for Bergman and Co

The key to prolonging the life of even the most tired trend is by mixing up the manner in which it is utilized. Here, the color is broken up into a cool concrete sink, square tiles, and a slightly different pink wall color to lend variety. This way, the bathroom feels fresh rather than overdone—with the matching pink sinks as the undeniable focal points.

If you love a luxe moment…

Emerald green instantly screams opulence, especially when paired with gold accents. But instead of going with something expected, bring a bit of edge to your bathroom without sacrificing sophistication. This space perfects the balance of old-school and modern, thanks to the addition of a bubblegum pink sink that features a sleek silhouette so as not to detract too much from the general luxe vibe.

If you love to travel…

Bring home a bit of that globally inspired feeling via your colorful bathroom sink. A hand-painted ceramic sink that almost looks like a serving bowl will make your bathroom feel totally bespoke. In this space, a beautiful basin feels like it wouldn’t look out of place in a Tuscan agriturismo. Etsy is a great resource for tracking down these one-of-a-kind pieces or you can scour your local antique markets and vintage shops in the hopes of unearthing a hidden gem.

If you crave color-blocking…

Courtesy of Mandarin Stone

The combination of yellow, pink, and turquoise runs the risk of feeling too young, but when combined with a range of shapes and materials, it turns into the most perfectly eclectic space. This bathroom effortlessly mixes terrazzo, tiling, and sleek minimalist lines for a result that looks almost abstract—with a turquoise sink at the heart of it all. Follow suit by blending three standout colors and switching up the tile patterns in your own space.


If you’re all about monochrome moments…

It may not be for everyone, but this bold bathroom has completely captured our hearts. This style is best suited for homeowners who have more flexibility with their bathroom renovation: Just opt for a sunken sink with the same tile carried over from your counters to create cohesion.   

If your favorite season is summer…

Glass sinks are a tad unexpected, but when it comes to replicating a beachy feel, they’re a great idea. Here, Justina Blakeney planted a beautiful teal glass basin in the middle of a wooden slab. Taken in with the bathroom’s blue color palette and collection of fresh greenery, the whole thing looks like it came from the chicest summer house.

If you’re a “pop of color” kind of person…

Although not a bathroom, this space is a lesson in contrast. With the walls, cabinets, and counters all coated in a bright, clean white, the accessories really pop—chief among them being the orange sink. If you have the opportunity to spice up your neutral-toned kitchen (or bathroom), a colorful sink will do the trick. Go for the most saturated hue you can find for optimum impact.

If you want a space that oozes sophistication…

Choose a deep color like navy or forest green and hunt for a basin in an elevated material like cement. While simple in style, the rich color and chic material will transform any bathroom into an elegant spot. Here, even though the rest of the nook is fairly devoid of color, the colorful bathroom sink makes a statement in the best way.


If you’ve been meaning to get into two-tone design

This color trend has been huge lately—why not try it with your sink? Look for colors that on opposing ends of the color spectrum, like this mint green and deep coral pairing or a pale yellow and navy blue. The two-tone style is especially perfect in a smaller space because it doesn’t require a lot of effort to make an impact: Everything is done through the contrast of the countertop and the sink. Even if you kept the walls completely bare, the space would be full of personality.

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