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When it comes to small space living, even the most fundamental decor elements become a luxury. You can find nightstands right at the top of this list, followed closely by dressers, closets, and essentially every other storage staple. Funny how that works out, huh?

Having a reliable spot to store your bedtime necessities—be it an alarm clock, your phone, or a stack of books and fresh florals—is an important element of having good bedside manners. Since we’re in the business of sorting all this out, we sought out the clever

nightstand alternatives

you should probably (no, definitely) consider, especially if you’re living in a small space.

Read on for the functional (and stylish!) alternatives to this bedroom staple, which are sure to fit in even the coziest of rooms.

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There’s nothing revolutionary or new about allowing a chair to work double duty as a storage solution, but one that comes reimagined in size and structure? That’s something we can definitely get behind. This clever piece from Ikea acts as way more than just a nightstand. Stretching tall and high, its ladder-inspired build allows for ample storage space that goes way beyond the standard alarm clock and book combo.

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Have a headboard with a few extra inches on the sides? Push the bed to the far edge of one side, and place a nightstand (or rows of floating shelves) in the leftover spot. Alternatively, opt for this sleek headboard from CB2, which comes with the shelves built in.

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A simple stool emulates an effortlessly cool aesthetic all the while managing to uphold a functional element. It’s versatile enough to double as a nightstand with ample room for storage and extra seating on an as-needed basis. Following in suit with the streamlined look, opt for an overhead light, instead of a bulky bedside lamp.


For the minimalist who requires little less than the essentials, this sleek wall shelf is the way to go. With just enough surface area for your most basic needs, this solution is ideal for the bed that comes without any floor space aside.


Utilize the height of the bedroom to your advantage—in lieu of taking up valuable floor space—by opting for a hanging shelf. Using a few sturdy pieces of rope, fasten a small round block or tray from the ceiling, and measure it out to hang at level with the bed.

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File this one under one seriously clever contraption. The aptly-titled BedShelfie is built to easily clamp onto the frame of your bed, sans the need for tools or an install. Crafted of bamboo and durable enough to hold 15 pounds of gear, this handcrafted shelf is a small-space must.


Tucked in a corner with nowhere to go? Look up. A floating shelf set above the bed not only lends extra storage space, it also doubles as a style-focused headboard alternative. Now, that’s what we would call a win.

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When there’s little room to go wide, use the height of the room to your advantage. A free-standing case—such as this Ikea Lack classic—or a series of compact wall-mounted shelves provide ample storage room without compromising valuable square footage.
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A pair of floating shelves set at varying heights compliment the clean cut aesthetic of small-space decor, while providing ample space for books, prints, and more.

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