Published on February 16, 2020

It’s a scenario familiar to apartment hunters: You finally find the perfect place, complete with the natural light you’ve been fantasizing about. It all seems too good to be true…and then you stumble into the sleeping quarters and realize it is. What do you do when your dream home comes with a tiny bedroom? Embrace it. 

While smaller spaces might sound like a logistical nightmare, the reality is that they’re a breeding ground for innovation. Nothing tests your design know-how like having to figure out how to squeeze a mattress, personal mementos, and functional storage into minimal square footage. Read on for nine small bedroom decor ideas to get those creative juices flowing. 

bed with ombre wallpaper behind itPin It
Photography by Michael Wiltbank

Jenny Kaplan has the right idea with this picture-perfect nook, which features both ombré wallpaper and low-to-the-ground furniture that makes her ceilings appear taller. 

bedroom with lots of plants and rainbow artworkPin It
Photography by Michael Wiltbank

In Dan Pelosi’s rainbow-hued Brooklyn pad, layered textiles and a mini jungle of greenery help transform the all-white bedroom into a cozy retreat.

wooden built-in shelvesPin It
Photography by Aaron Bengochea

In this 500-square-foot studio, Krissy Jones made the most of every available surface—including the walls, which are covered in floor-to-ceiling shelving. Who needs a walk-in closet when you can keep your favorite knits within easy reach? 

bright blue wall bedroomPin It
Photography by Cody Guilfoyle and Aaron Bengochea

Don’t be afraid to go bold with paint, as seen here in our very own social media editor Alyssa Clough’s Brooklyn digs. A bright royal blue wall adds instant character to the cramped quarters. 

colorful room with over-the-door hooksPin It
Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Speaking of color-saturated spaces, we’re taking notes on how to blend prints from stylist Miranda Starcevic. In her small bedroom, even the ultra-functional storage—an over-door hanger, hanging shelves—has style thanks to funky bags and every shade of nail polish you could imagine. 

bedroom with colorful quiltPin It
Photography by Michael Wiltbank

In another corner of his apartment, Dan Pelosi chose to use sentimental items as practical pieces. The undeniable star of his guest room is that gorgeous quilt, which was made for him by his mom. 

bed with white bedding and books on windowsillPin It
Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

No space for a bookshelf? No problem. Attie James’s space proves there are more inventive ways to display your dog-eared favorites, from a windowsill library to a slim wood magazine rack. 

studio with large bookshelf in the middlePin It
Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

A room divider can take many forms, but Arielle Assouline-Lichten’s has the benefit of doubling as storage. From extra luggage to sentimental tchotchkes to many (many) hardcovers, it houses it all. 

bed with blue sheets, hanging plant, and gallery wallPin It
Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Sunny Shokraes eclectic setup has a bit of everything, from mix-and-match bedding to an impressive medley of metal finishes. If you’re worried about your small bedroom feeling one-note, look to this space as a source of comfort. 

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