Small bedrooms get a bad reputaion. Especially when we’re talking about studio apartments. Personalizing a cramped space where the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom all share the same limited square footage is no easy feat. We know. So when it comes to decorating your small-space, we’re strong proponents of furnishings with multiple points of functionality, clever storage solutions, and a few handy tricks of the trade. Read on for a few of our favorite, time-tested and designer-approved tips for decorating your tiny bedroom!


Ditch the headboard or frame of a bed – which can often take up precious inches – and instead opt for a print-based gallery wall to deck the empty space above the bed. We love the effortlessly chic aesthetic of this minimalist bedroom!


Affix a sheer curtain to separate the “bedroom” from the remaining areas of a small space. Here, a storage-savvy side table helps further emphasize the confines of the living room. 


Not all the furnishings of a studio apartment need to face the same general direction. In a compact space such as the one pictured, having the bed and the sofa facing opposite walls can make quite the difference in terms of having to consistently look at the same view, all day. 


A rug under the bed is handy for designating the area of a bedroom in an apartment with an open layout. The rug not only adds a defining textural layer to the space, it also helps set the bedroom apart from the remaining space.


A mirror stacked against the wall – opposed to one that is mounted – can establish an optical illusion that can help accentuate the height of the room. 


Utilize extra storage units that feature dual points of functionality. Case in point? A desk that can double as a nightstand, vanity, and compact dresser.


Incorporating a light and minimalist aesthetic is always a surefire way to guarantee the sense of a larger room – regardless of your existing square footage. Small details such as whitewashed bedding or white walls can go a long way and make a big difference! 


For the DIY-enthusiast who knows their way around a tool box, consider this rather impressive structure that will completely reinvent the studio apartment. Featuring built-in shelving, a (faux) level addition, and walled off sections, this studio transformed. 


A glass room divider, with the sole intent of separating the living room from the makeshift bedroom, is paired with a delicate curtain to offset the intensity of the hard, glass exterior. Opt for one that’s not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing!


A floor-to-ceiling storage system, set to frame the bed, not only forms a comfortable sense of enclosure, but it also provides ample space for all your gear!


Something as simple as the positioning of the furnishings can go a long way in terms of maximizing a square-foot-challenged apartment. Here, the majority of the living room pieces are all concentrated on one eye-catching floor piece, while the bed sits on the original concrete-finished floor. 


A platform bed situation paired with a set of canopy curtains is about as close to a bedroom as one can get in a studio apartment. Note the dresser on the left which further helps define the confines of the “bedroom” area. Bonus points for creativity in using the under area of the platform as additional storage!


Utilize a folding room divider to set apart the various zones of your tiny studio apartment or small space. 


File this one under one of the more functional room dividers. A standing rack outfitted with a curated selection of outfits and accessories not only sets the bed apart from the living room, it also imparts an additional layer of personal style to the decor of the home.


Install a modular system that’s both streamlined and functional to house everything from books to the computer. Take it a step further and set the storage unit by the bed to act as a nightstand. 


For those who are more impartial to having a large bed, opt for a daybed that can easily transform from a seating area during the day to a bed in the evening. 


Inside this light-filled studio apartment, a sheer curtain that spans along the width of the home provides a chic alternative to bulky room dividers and allows for the entire area to reap in the benefits of all the open windows!


For the attic that doubles as a bedroom, squeeze the bed into a cozy nook. Set a mini stool at the base of the bed to function as a nightstand and accent the space with an organic element. 


In a tiny apartment, having furnishings with multiple points of functionality is crucial to maximizing the minimal square footage of the space. Headboards are no exception. This clever case features a drop-down desk, ample cabinet space, and small drawers for little odds and ends. As if that wasn’t enough, it also functions as a headboard and a room-divider of sorts for this studio space. 


In lieu of placing the bed against the wall, set it a couple of feet away, utilizing the extra space as a faux closet, separated by a thin curtain. 


Connect two free-standing shelves with a large base to double as desk-space in a tiny studio apartment. With built-in shelving, you can forgo the typical filing cabinets and other home office storage essentials. 


Opt for a closet or storage system that can seamlessly blend in with the remaining elements of the room. This mirrored PAX system doubles as both a storage solution for clothing as well as space for miscellaneous items from around the apartment.