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When your furniture pulls double duty, you know you’ve hit the jackpot—especially when it comes to small space living. If your stool also functions as a side table, it minimizes the need (and cost!) for extra furniture, keeping your place feeling spacious instead of cluttered. We found the best pieces that have multiple uses to save you money and space. From benches that are also shoe racks, to ottomans that are also beds, these under-$900 items will help you get the most out of your space.

An ottoman that’s also a bed

Sleeper Ottoman, Urban Outfitters, $599

When you live in a small space it’s tough to have guests come visit, or even stay over for the night. Even a couch in a small apartment usually doesn’t warrant enough room for someone to spread out and get a goodnight’s sleep. While we often find an ottoman to be a last priority in a small space, this option turns into a real bed, making this a piece you’ll surely want in your home no matter the size.

A side table that’s also a desk and magazine rack

Entu Side Table, Crate and Barrel, $399

This side table is awesome because the clever shape makes it multifunctional. Sitting straight up, it can be a small desk with ample legroom and a good height so as not to strain your back while you’re on the computer, or a modern side table with three different landings. On it’s side it’s a side table with a built in magazine rack.

A triple-threat stool

Flecked Multi Use Storage Stool, Urban Outfitters, $98

In a larger space, we would most likely purchase a stool and a chic basket to stow away our throw blankets and other knickknacks. In a small space, however, a stool that doubles as storage (or a planter, or a side table) is a super functional and downright helpful piece to have around instead.


A bench that doubles as shoe storage

LAXseries Storage Bench by Mash Studios, Domino, $890

Okay, we know that this bench rings in close to $900 dollars, but hear us out: shoe racks are clunky and take up a lot of space, especially when your home has small closet space. Use this bench as a substitute for the seating you were already going to buy, and save money on extra storage for your shoes, or other items you wish to stow away. With the ample built-in storage, It makes this piece well worth the price.


A stackable seating solution

Fairmount Metal Stacking Stool, Urban Outfitters, $59

Stools that can double as side tables are excellent space savers. Utilize this stool as a side table in your day-to-day life. When you have guests over, use the stool as extra seating, so you don’t have to clutter your space with (or spend the money on) another piece of furniture.


A Bed That’s Also A Side Table

Alpine White Bed, CB2, $599 We’ve seen plenty of beds that have built in storage, but rarely do we see a bed that doubles as a side table. Sometimes, in small spaces there isn’t enough room for proper side tables. Luckily, this bed frame removes the need for side tables — the headboard has ample space for two lamps and anything else you’d traditionally want from a side table in a small space.

A bookshelf disguised as an end table

Mod Locker End Table, CB2, $499

In small apartments, we usually don’t have space for a proper bookshelf. Instead of trying to force one in, utilize your end tables at the sides of your bed or couch. This see-through chest is a great option, for it makes the stacked books inside look like works of art on display.