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Calling all parents who are tired of looking at stork-adorned decor when attempting to pick out pieces for the little ones: We hear you. There are plenty of companies out there making stylish furniture and decor for children. The issue, of course, is finding them.

With practically every retailer in possession of a fully fleshed-out kids’ vertical, it’s easy to resort to larger companies. And while we have nothing against these mass retailers—in fact, Pottery Barn Kids recently released a super cool nursery line that’s definitely worth a look—we’re also interested in finding brands that are a little smaller scale.

Feel the same? Ahead, you’ll find some of our favorite under-the-radar brands and retailers, who offer functional essentials for the little ones’ rooms, without the added element of a compromise on style. 

For the fashionable parent who needs options: Maisonette

Founded by Vogue alums Sylvana Ward Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia, a forward sense of style is at the core of this company. Maisonette has a vast array of both home goods and clothing for your little ones, aggregating products from brands around the world and curating them carefully so you don’t have to weed through pages of junk. The brand also has partnered with companies for bespoke furniture collections of its own—most notably with The Inside in February 2018. 

For the parent in need of a few cozy finishing touches: Pehr

Shop here for playful prints in a variety of textiles, from cloth mobiles to bedding for all ages. Pehr is broadly a lifestyle brand, and you’ll find their products scattered into the mix of larger kids’ decor sites. Don’t miss out on Pehr’s “Inspiration” vertical, where you’ll find a slew of fun ideas for styling and decorating with the items available on site. 

For the eco-conscious parent: Oeuf

New York-based company Oeuf (which somewhat inexplicably means “egg” in French) is all about the sustainably sourced and responsibly created kids’ decor—a welcome tagline if you’re tired of funding mass retailers and looking for something a little more ethical. What began with just one singular crib spiraled into a veritable children’s lifestyle empire that spans clothes, furniture, and even adorable Halloween costumes. For any interested parties, there’s a “How It’s Made” section on the site that traces production practices for the items from Bolivia to Peru to Latvia. Aside from the eco-benefits of shopping Oeuf, parents won’t be sacrificing style, either—it’s undoubtedly contemporary furniture and decor for the modern family. 

For the parent not willing to sacrifice their personal style: Smallable

With over 800 brands ripe for perusal, this self-described family concept store is the brainchild of Parisian It-mom (is that a thing?) Cécile Roederer. The effortlessly chic Roederer has instilled a sense of her own style in the company, whose tagline seems to be “design for the whole family.” In other words, anything you buy here is an investment meant to last your child (and you, given that you’re the cognisant one who will actually be able to appreciate the value of a muslin blanket) for years. Kids’ furniture and decor isn’t actually the focal point of this brand—the fashion section and “adult” homeware section take up more website real estate—but given the emphasis on family as a company ethos and the timeless quality of many of the “baby” pieces, it’s still worth your perusal. You might even find something in the nursery section that you want to co-opt for yourself. Who has to know?

For the parent who won’t allow their kid to have an apple product: Fawn & Forest

Fawn & Forest has the bespoke, small-scale feel one might expect of a tiny local boutique. Yes, there is quality-made furniture in classic wood tones and simple silhouettes, but the real draw lies in the unique decor and cute little toys. There are heart-shaped cushions and prism-shaped mobiles; there’s a rainbow-hued set of mini washi tape rolls that are so aesthetically pleasing you’d be forgiven for hanging it up on the wall as decor. Fawn & Forest pulls products from a range of smaller brands, but somehow all the offerings still manage to feel totally cohesive. Everything feels quite nostalgic, and you can probably walk away with enough odds and ends to keep your child occupied for days. Without so much as an iPad.

For the vintage-loving parent who identifies as an artiste: Kinder Modern

Kinder Modern is part-gallery, part-vintage shop, and the combination of the two is what makes it so unique, along with the draw of the eclectic collection of kids’ products. A mix of vintage designs (most pieces typically date from the 1920s-1980s) and more contemporary works (employees literally scour the globe in search of avant-garde designers), it’s safe to say that several of Kinder Modern’s pieces belong in an art gallery. But thankfully for us, they’re available to buy online—though, like any good art, the items won’t necessarily come cheap. It’s definitely some of the most unique children’s’ furniture and decor on the market right now but, unless your child is David Hockney in diapers, they’re not likely to appreciate any of it.

For the parent who’s an Ikea loyalist looking to branch out: Flexa

Founded in Denmark in 1972, Flexa is all about Scandinavian simplicity. There’s quite a broad variety of items available to buy, from furniture to tiny mattresses. Everything is quite pared back, relying on simple solid-hued items that emphasize craftsmanship and timeless silhouettes. The selection of beds is particularly impressive, as they have you covered for everything from cribs to bunk beds. A caveat: You won’t be able to buy anything from the site directly, but instead have the option of choosing from a range of e-retailers that stock Flexa.

For the parent who’s a cool mom, not a regular mom: Nursery Works

With only 46 items available on the site, Nursery Works won’t overwhelm you with choice. But what they do have is a surprisingly high-end assortment of nursery furniture and decor. Nursery Works aims to bring cutting-edge high design to the world of nursery decor, and it succeeds by tapping a network of designers to do so. Think: sculptural cribs, abstract-printed pillows, stylish rockers in of-the-moment colors and fabrics.

For the parent who’s a strict minimalist: Gautier Studio

The pieces from Gautier Studio are all designed in the Montreal-based brand’s studio, and everything adheres to the same monochromatic minimalist vibe. Much of the furniture is crafted carefully out of durable wood, which arrives in a light finish so as to brighten your little one’s space. Cool minimalist prints add interest to some of the pieces, like colorful graphics or uniform black polka dots. It’s all very contemporary (you might want to pick up some of the lighting options for yourself, actually) and curated, and anyone with a modest design sensibility is sure to appreciate it. It’s also one of the more budget-friendly options on this list, for those who aren’t interested in dropping exorbitant amounts of money on a toddler bed—hey, kids are expensive enough.

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