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Settling on furniture is definitely a time-consuming endeavor, but it’s the little things that can draw out the decorating process indefinitely. You know, the right-size rug or the perfect task lamp for your nightstand. In these cases, less is more—options, that is. Designed in partnership with GQ magazine, CB2’s newest collection (which just launched today) has a strong, über-contemporary aesthetic that takes the guesswork out of choosing these details, especially when it comes to lighting.

CB2 designers and the GQ team referenced the ’30s, ’70s, and even ’80s to create a versatile product range that includes both larger furniture and accessories. “What I like most about the collection is that it can be easily mixed together or matched apart to truly blend with any environment,” CB2 president Ryan Turf tells us. “You’ll find pieces with a more masculine edge—pieces that are heavy and industrial yet refined and detailed.”

All the lamps are inspired by ubiquitous modern silhouettes, but each comes with a twist. A perforated finish takes an ordinary globe light to the next level; subtle ribbed detailing makes you pause to look at an otherwise basic black accent fixture.

“You can really see our architectural inspiration in the lighting,” says Turf. “I love how functional some of it is without sacrificing design, like the Lambert desk lamp and Vitti sconce, which both feature swivel shades.” 

The cherry on top: All the lights are under $200. Shop our favorites from the launch here, and head to CB2 today to scroll through the rest of the GQ collaboration. 

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