Published on July 20, 2017

The Flinstones meet Brutalism in Style Editor Elaina Sullivan’s summer picks. Get ready to rock the chic new Stone Age.

A bit of contemporary Brutalism to rock every day. 

Old Fort Ring, Cold Picnic, $90

Rough around the edges never looked so good. 

Assemblage Vessel, 2016, by Thaddeus Wolfe, R & Company, price available upon request

Painting at its finest, but also roughest.

Old Man Tattoos, 2014, by Todd Bienvenu, Yours Mine & Ours 

Rubble family, eat your heart out!

Chair by Thomas Barger, Johnson Trading Gallery

The Stone Age meets futurism in a bench.

183 – Scrap Poly Pastel Bench by Max Lamb

A handmade beauty to start the morning right. 

Tall Pink Mug by Workaday Handmade, Domino shop, $44

Bringing crude art back to light. 

Yellow Triangle by Katie Stout

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