You don’t need to pile up a ton of blankets to get your comfiest, warmest sleep. A new bedding option by Brooklinen makes it easy to transform your bed into something as soft and cozy as your favorite sweater. That’s right: Cashmere bedding is here.

Made with 95 percent cotton and 5 percent Himalayan cashmere, this collection—which includes sheets, pillowcases, and a duvet cover—is a soft-to-touch option for those who prefer sheets that keep you warm. That’s not to say that they’re stifling, though: The cotton and cashmere blend is breathable and brushed for a plush feeling.

The diagonal weave of the fabric also gives it a distinctive texture. If you like the look of linen sheets, this alternative makes for a great wintertime option. Available in three different shades (off-white, light gray, and charcoal), they’re just the thing that will turn your bed into a fluffy, plush cloud. Shop the new offerings below.

Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set, Brooklinen ($279)

An oatmeal-hued sheet set might just be the thing to complete a contemporary farmhouse-style bedroom.

Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set, Brooklinen ($279)

This charcoal gray plays well with a wide range of duvet covers. Get the matching duvet for a monochromatic look or have fun with cool-toned prints and patterns.

fog duvet
Heathered Cashmere Duvet Cover, Brooklinen ($279)

This light gray duvet almost reads as white, but its subtle hue adds a bit of intrigue.

Heathered Cashmere Pillowcases
Heathered Cashmere Pillowcases, Brooklinen ($76)

Cashmere pillows might just be the luxury you’ve been looking for.

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