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The laundry room may be the most mundane of rooms, but that’s all the more reason to make it a chic and beautiful space: The prettier it is, the less you’ll dread doing chores. Plus, with trendy laundromats suddenly hitting NYC, we’re calling it—2018 will be the year of the laundry room, so you should start gathering your inspiration now.

Not sure where to start? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead are the laundry rooms that blew us away this year—proving that any space in your home can serve as a blank canvas that will allow your creative juices to flow.

This Tennessee home is unique in and of itself, since 17 designers each worked on a different room in the house, somehow creating a gorgeous, cohesive space. While each room was unique, the star of the show is definitely the rustic laundry room with its secret nook and farmhouse vibe. Designed by Rhoda Vickers of Southern Hospitality, the neutrals allow the space to feel calm and serene, while the cozy textures and hidden area provide the perfect spot to relax or read while you wait for your laundry to finish its cycle.

Talk about vibes: This sunny laundry room is the epitome of cheerful chic. The yellow printed wallpaper and tile design floor wonderfully complement one another, while the pale turquoise countertops add to the theme without overwhelming the space. Other delicate touches, like old-school pendant lights and a few pretty flowers, complete the look.

Moody hues and marble countertops grace this texture-rich Los Angeles laundry room. The cozy baskets, wooden ceiling, and marble backsplash combine to create an eclectic mix of accents that all somehow work together. Our favorite piece in the home? The clean blue Farrow & Ball hue on the cabinetry—it looks particularly regal next to all that white.

While technically a laundry nook, this area gets our attention thanks to some creativity and a little fun. As the washer-dryer in this Milwaukee home was in a tiny area as part of the bathroom, the owner decided to corner off that space by adding in a funky, hardwood “No Admittance” door. The result? A personalized laundry area on a budget.

Half laundry room, half storage unit, this eclectic space is all about rustic charm. We’re loving the wide, sloping ceiling beams and “organized chaos” (if you will)—it infuses a ton of personality inside an otherwise all-white space. A woven laundry basket and pretty, red-toned rug keep the space from feeling too cluttered, while still being quaint and welcoming.

Eclectic vibes rule in Kip&Co.’s cofounder, Hayley Pannekoecke’s colorful seaside retreat, and that laundry room is no exception. The dark blue walls are offset by some some quirky tile, while the woven textures, hardwood flooring, and massive plants give it a seriously whimsical edge. And of course, don’t miss the kids’ paintings adorning the walls, lending to the fun vibe.

If you don’t want to get too crazy with your

laundry room decor

there’s a way to use small accents in a way that packs a big punch—take this almost all neutral space, for example. Just one wall of printed, neutral hued wallpaper, a cozy blue rug, and some white baskets play together in a minimalist fashion, while still adding a bout of personality.

Scandinavian white steals the show in this easy, breezy Hamptons abode, but don’t be fooled: That one-note color scheme doesn’t mean boring. In fact, the Mosa tiles, stylish shelving, and sleek cabinetry give the laundry room a classic, organized feel—and after all, wouldn’t you want your laundry room to feel “clean” more than anything else?

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