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Living in NYC comes with its fair share of sacrifices—and one of them is often a lack of washer and dryer. New Yorkers know all too well the hassle of schlepping to a dingy laundromat, just to spend hours waiting until their clothes finish the spin cycle. But what if the process wasn’t so painful? Enter Celsious, a cool-girl laundromat that’s set to become New York City’s hottest hangout spot.

Founded by sisters Theresa and Corinna Williams, Celsious wants to revolutionize the wait time associated with laundry, and make it a calming, relaxing experience. The two sisters moved to the city from Germany a few years ago, and were shocked that there was no space to clean clothes that wasn’t a crowded mess.

Corinna explains, “I was confronted with the not-so-pretty reality of New York laundromats, and toyed around with the idea of opening a place that fit my needs for a clean space that provided efficient and specialty garment care in a beautiful setting.”

Celsious therefore goes beyond the basics of washers and dryers. There’s also an upstairs cafe serving speciality wellness drinks like turmeric lattes and matcha, an outdoor area for relaxing when the weather is warm, and space to host live performances.

“The theme was clean, but friendly,” says Theresa. “The amber and honey hues of natural materials, like our reclaimed cork wall and solid pine stools made from the shipping pallets our washing machines came on, as well as the refreshing green of the indoor jungle we planted on top of our dryers, creates a calming atmosphere that makes laundry day a lot less stressful than most of our customers are used to.”

Inside, crisp white walls give a sense of tranquility (and cleanliness), while bright yellow brings in some serious sunny vibes. A sequence of bright, dome-shaped lights and pebbled flooring complete the look.

Another great touch? Complimentary detergent—and we’re not just talking your general Tide, either. “Our house detergent, which is complimentary with every wash, is by The Simply Co. It’s our good friend Lauren Singer’s (of @trashisfortossers zero waste fame) company. The powder is made from three ingredients only: washing soda, baking soda, and organic castile soap. The scented version has some added organic lavender essential oil,” says Corinna.

“Many people tend to overdose on detergent, when it is actually the friction between the clothes in a fully loaded machine, as well as the washer’s correct temperature and spin, that is responsible for most of the cleaning action. So in addition, the Electrolux washers and dryers at Celsious are the most energy-efficient—yet powerful—that are currently on the market, which made the equipment choice a no-brainer.” Clearly, eco-friendly vibes rule in this chic space.

”We’re particularly proud of the abundance of repurposed pieces and reclaimed materials, many of which I found on Craigslist (which I am admittedly obsessed with),” says Theresa. “The yellow tiles leading up the stairs of the mezzanine are original New York subway tiles, sold to us by an MTA subcontractor who had put them on Craigslist. The benches I found on Craigslist also, and reupholstered them with rich, textured fabrics.”

Some more favorite decor pieces include a Heller Vignelli bench that serves as a mini stage for the space’s bi-weekly “Yellow Bench Series” of popup performances, and the beautifully bright ceramic cups for the cafe that have been custom-made by Jessica Helen Weinberg.

The reception area that greets guests also offers an array of sustainable, natural products on display, and makes it easy for consumers to pick and purchase the products they might need—while also giving the owners a chance to help each customer explain his or her laundry concerns before heading in. The selection even includes more specialized products like Sonett Wool Wash, specialty detergents for denim and sportswear by Swedish brand Tangent GG, clothes brushes by the traditional German manufacturer Bürstenhaus Redecker, stain treatment sticks by Meliora, candles and linen water by Common Good, and wool dryer balls by Woolzies.

“Packaging and merchandising is key in complementing the clean but friendly look of Celsious,” says Corinna of the entrance space. “The yellow staircase against the white storefront, as well as the juicy colors of our change machine’s custom decal—created by my partner Nicola Di Costanzo, the graphic designer behind Celsious’ entire brand identity—makes the entrance feel even more welcoming.”

Upstairs, a cozy, whitewashed cafe features marble tile, a crisp color palette, and a multitude of plants. “The tubular LED bulbs we chose for our wall sconces create an incredibly warm amber glow under which you can cozy up on our velvet benches with a turmeric latte, and there’s also plenty of seating at the marble counters along the mezzanine railing,” says Theresa. “It’s the perfect spot to get some emails out whilst watching your clothes in the dryer, or just kick back on the Danish, mid-century fiberglass sofa and leaf through our selection of magazines.”

“The cafe offerings are very much a reflection of our upbringing, philosophy, and current lifestyle,” says Theresa. “Our mother was an organic lifestyle pioneer in the ‘80s, plus we grew up in the German countryside, where we had access to fresh milk straight from the farm, eggs from the hens our grandmother kept, and organically grown produce and grains. So naturally, we sourced all our vendors and ingredients to align with the way we consume food at home.”

On offer? Pastries from Saraghina Bakery (which uses organic flours and sugar), raw, housemade almond milk, organic coffee by Caffe Vita, matcha from CAP Beauty, and jams from Westwind Orchard. Everything has been designed to be of the highest quality—while also look visually appealing, of course.

But the cherry on top of this serene space comes in the form of the outdoor patio area—which luckily enough, came with the space, even though it did require a massive overhaul.

“Any outdoor space is such a luxury in NYC,” says Theresa. “Being an avid DIY woodworker, I built the deck, benches, self-watering planters, and slatted enclosure that houses our new, high-efficiency HVAC unit myself. We see our customers using the two large marble and granite mosaic tables that I made out of reclaimed stone remnants to fold their laundry in the sun come spring. For additional seats, we chose the Odger chair—made from renewable wood pulp and recycled plastic by Ikea, in partnership with Swedish studio Form Us With Love—as it fit incredibly well with the cream color palette we chose for the patio. And we appreciate the use of sustainable materials.”

The result is an airy, breezy space that boasts a

minimalist decor

scheme and is complemented by interesting shapes in the furniture, along with a combination of marbled textures and lush greenery. And as for location, says Corinna of the Brooklyn hideaway, “Williamsburg, whilst having undergone immense changes in recent years, has remained diverse and vibrant, yet still retains a certain ‘neighborhoody’ feel—which makes it a great spot for a community space like Celsious.”

Celsious is open daily from 7am to midnight at 115 North 7th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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