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Whether we’re perusing ABC Carpet & Home‘s latest slew of design essentials or stalking their sales for unbelievable steals, we can always count on the retailer to deliver when it comes to style-focused furniture and home decor. Most recently, keeping in line with Women’s History Month, Abc chose to highlight a handful of female makers and artisans, whose products they carry in the shop. And because we’re all for female empowerment, we, in turn, chose to highlight a few of the many talented makers and entrepreneurs from Abc’s Sacred Feminine Collection.

Ahead, we’re looking to the trailblazing brands and creatives who are pushing the boundaries of design, all the while contributing to the greater good, on a global scale. Take a look.

Andes Textile

Exclusive to Abc Carpet & Home, the line of offerings from this brand features items handcrafted by artisans using ancient techniques rooted in local tradition. With an emphasis on the implementation of fair working conditions and wages, the items of the line are handwoven by the Aymara women in the Andean Highland region. The one-of-a-kind vintage frazadas are specifically crafted to withstand the extreme cold of a high altitude cold—which means, it’ll definitely do the job of keeping you warm in the winter.

What we’re buying: Pink, Red & Yellow Frazada, $695

This non-profit is all about empowering female artisans in Africa by providing them with a series of opportunities that span from business and vocational education to a consistent income for their artisanal endeavors. Partnering with groups of women based throughout Ghana and Rwanda, Indego Africa’s initiatives encompass the marriage of traditional techniques with local materials, resulting in a slew of vibrantly colorful offerings. As 100% of profits are pooled to support the aforementioned initiatives, you can relish in the fact that your money is going to a good cause.

What we’re buying: Zig-Zag Basket, $60


You see a throw pillow, we see a remarkable collaboration of technology and design. Sound and vision combine, resulting in an impressive array of decorative throw pillows from artist Nadia-Anne Ricketts. Each piece is crafted by way of coded audio technology, which results in the uniquely tessellated patterns of the finish. As if that wasn’t enough, the frequencies are said to activate and balance the heart chakra.

What we’re buying: Love Frequency Pillow, $350

Jan Burtz

We’re big fans of artist Jan Burtz’s work and her line of beautifully-crafted porcelain dinnerware is no exception. Alluding to the traditional Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, her work emulates the quintessence of the aesthetic: finding perfection in the imperfect. Every one of the items in the collection are unique, thanks to their handmade quality and distinct craftsmanship.

What we’re buying: Porcelain Dinnerware in White, from $50



outdoor dinner table

deserves one of these colorful placemats—for those lacking an outdoor space, don’t fret, they work just as well indoors. Handmade in Madagascar, these delicate pieces are naturally dyed using low-impact colors that utilize less water and chemicals. As a bonus, proceeds are directed towards building and maintaining a cooperative structure that benefits the communities where the items are made.

What we’re buying: Raffia Placemats, $75


Bring in the year’s ultimate hue by way of this statement piece. Hand-stitched from merino wool from Bolivia, Bayeta’s line of pillows are hand-crafted in France. Handmade and intricately detailed, the brand is all about preserving the qualities of artisanally-made decor.

What we’re buying: Bicolor Pillow in Mustard, $125 – $150

Handmade in NYC, these one-of-a-kind pieces are expertly dyed using avocados. Thanks to its hand-crafted composition, each one of these items boast a unique detail and make, resulting in an imperfectly-perfect finish.

What we’re buying: Avocado Table Linens, from $36

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