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Today, many creatives opt to abandon the confines of traditional workspaces in order to produce work on-the-go. From pop-up art studios to portable photography labs, this trend has resulted in both an abundance of experimental spaces and a surge in new technologies. Taking both of these approaches on board, artists Claudius Schulze and Maciej Markowicz

have created 2BOATS, a “floating photographic platform” that puts a creative twist on travel.

The 2BOATS project revolves around a unique pair of water vessels. Intended to house the artists as they travel around Europe, each boat is much more than meets the eye. The first was dreamt up by Schulze and resembles a rustic houseboat. It serves as a hammock-equipped hub for artists to discuss “vision, formation, creation and the environment,” hold workshops, and view Schulze’s eclectic body of work.

The second boat, Obscuraboat, was designed by Markowicz. Known as a “moving camera,” this whimsical watercraft doubles as a functional camera obscura. Additionally, it houses a collection of Markowicz’s photography, which ranges from fine art and portraits to projections and negative prints.

While the boats drastically differ in design and function, they both aim to inspire. “During their trip,” the 2BOATS blog states, “both artists will be engaging in a study of the environment, urban life and photography while always on the lookout for new perspectives, a different kind of awareness and novel experiences.”

This unique project is part of the “Übermut Project,” an initiative by visitBerlin and Hamburg Marketing that is funded by the German Foreign Office. Since embarking on their voyage, the pair has made stops along the way at Amsterdam’s Unseen Photo Fair and Paris Photo. After months of smooth sailing, 2BOATS will complete its journey at the Hamburg Triennale of Photography in June.

You can keep up with this artistic expedition on the 2BOATS blog.

Each vessel created by photographers Claudius Schulze and Maciej Markowicz for 2BOATS is much more than meets the eye. Schulze’s rustic houseboat serves as a cozy, creative hub for artists to hold discussions and workshops.

Obscuraboat, a “moving camera” by Markowicz, doubles as a floating and functional camera obscura.

So far, it’s been smooth sailing for the duo, who will wrap up their voyage in June.

This story was originally published by Kelly Richman-Abdou for My Modern Met.