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99 problems? Consider your small space to no longer be one.

Photography by EARL CARTER

the multipurpose pouf

We don’t know who invented the pouf, but we praise them for their ingenuity. A pouf is endlessly versatile. It can anchor a room as a coffee table, double as extra seating for guests, and be a great place to kick up your feet at the end of the day.


a collection of hooks

Pots, pans, and cutting boards can be hung on the walls of a tiny kitchen. Hang jewelry to save space on your dresser. Place hooks by the door in an array of different styles so your bags, coats, and keys have a proper resting place.


a treasure chest (or storage trunk)

A beautiful trunk can hold a lot of stuff and be a stunning piece in a room. Use it to hold out of season clothes in the bedroom or your collection of books in the living room. Our personal favorite? Use it as a

makeshift bar

filled with booze and mixers.


a bevy of jars

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on fancy apothecary jars. Reuse tomato sauce jars or buy Ball jars in bulk to house toiletries, dry goods, makeup – anything that needs storing. A lineup of clear jars on display or in cabinets look more streamlined and pretty. Plus it’s way easier to see what you need.


a coat of

white paint

When in doubt, go white. If your tiny space has few windows or doesn’t get enough sun, a fresh coat of white can lighten and lift the entire mood of the space. Use it on walls, kitchen cabinets, trim – and if you’re feeling brave – the floor too.

Photography by ANNA WOLF

wall mirrors

An entire wall of mirrors adds depth to a space and creates a more open feel. Use the old restaurant trick and place a large one by your dining table to soften the light and make your entire home feel grander.

Photography by SHELTERNESS

over-the-sink dish drainer

Nothing takes up more space than a dish rack on the counter—especially when you’re short on counter space. Since we don’t recommend living off paper plates, pick a rack that fits over your sink so your counters stay clutter-free.

Photography by DECOHOLIC.ORG

floating wall shelves

Don’t try and squeeze extra tables into a space so your favorite knickknacks and picture frames are on display. Instead, create a display space behind the couch using floating shelves.


velvet hangers

If your wardrobe hasn’t been introduced to velvet hangers yet—prepare yourself for major impact. These hangers will dramatically save space so you don’t have to feel guilty about a shopping spree.

Photography by MARTHA STEWART

towel racks

We don’t relegate these for our collection of Turkish towels. They’re also a great way to store magazines in a living space or hang your favorite pants on them in the bedroom.