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Photography by Brittany Ambridge
If you ask us, a fully-stocked bar is crucial to the success of an evening of entertaining. While small-space dwellers may not have the luxury of a designated bar area, there are a handful of ways you can easily create an alternative—transforming your entry console into one, is certainly a way to do it. Read on to discover how you can hack a bar cart in a tiny space. 
Small spaces are all about making due with what you have, and entertaining is no exception. Utilize just about any surface you have access to or available, when it comes to setting up an impromptu bar area. Coffee tables, the edge of the buffet table, or even the fireplace mantel (if you’re lucky enough to have one) can be utilized to establish a makeshift bar area when in need. 

Never underestimate the power of a solid tray—especially if it’s as inconspicuously understated as an acrylic one, which seamlessly blends in with its surround. In lieu of establishing a centralized bar, set out an assorted selection of trays around your entertaining area. You can pair each tray with a handful of the essentials or, categorize them by drink type. Think: a station devoted exclusively to bubbly, wine, and hard liquor. You may also set up trays where each holds the fixings for a specific cocktail, allowing guests to make their own.

Entertaining in the living room? Clear out a shelf or two in a nearby bookshelf and stock it with your go-to barware for the night. See how this couple manages to entertain effortlessly in their teeny, tiny home
Photography by KURT ANDRE VIA BRIT + CO.
A small-space staple sets a precedent via this ultra clever DIY. Enter the Murphy bar, a vertical creation that virtually takes up little space (horizontally) utilizing the less-often-used vertical wall area to hold a fully-stocked bar. Drawing from the pull-down mechanism of the bed, this DIY boasts a similar feature in the form of a handy, drop-down table that’s ideal for mixing drinks. 
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A versatile cart can do wonders for a small space—obviously, you know this. Here, a bathroom organizer becomes the evening’s bar cart, courtesy of this piece. At its core, a wheel-based functionality allows it to be easily moved throughout your tiny space. 
Photography by BETHANY NAUERT
This is the one where your media stand (or, even the limited amount of counter space you have in the kitchen) doubles as a bar for the night. None will be the wiser! Unless your television set is mounted to the wall, you’ll likely have some sort of shelf space available to work with. You may alternatively use what little counter space you have in the kitchen as a mini bar setup—bonus points if it’s near the sink. 
A wall-mounted shelfeven if it’s purely for the duration of the holiday season—can be a handy alternative to one that would take up square footage, especially if you have the wall space to spare. 
Kensie Wall Shelf, Urban Outfitters, $34.00

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