10 things every small kitchen needs

10 ways to make the most of the space you have.
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a butcher-block cover

Place a butcher block over the sink to double as a cutting board as well as extra counter space.

creative storage for bulky gear

Case in point? The pots and pans that can barely fit inside the one available cabinet. Try hanging them from a pot rack, or opt for a wall ladder for a more streamlined look.

plenty of lighting

Whether it’s natural or not, ample light is a must for intimate spaces.

double duty gear

We can’t get enough of this IKEA table that doubles as a shelf and a kitchen table!

custom shelving

Built-in shelves evoke a less intrusive feel, and allow for a clever storage solutions.

a minimalist approach to design

A cluttered kitchen is a messy one, and small spaces above all else can’t afford that. Rid the space of the extraneous and adopt a “less is more” aesthetic.

a grid above the sink

A simple wire grid above the sink is perfect for storing spices and frequently used cooking utensils.

glass shelves 

Ditch the clunky cabinets and opt for this lighter alternative.

a mini fridge

Chances are, if you’re living alone, a full-size fridge is hardly an essential. Swap it out in lieu of a smaller alternative that will take a considerably less amount of space. We’ve got our eye on this.

an accent piece with function

For the very tiny kitchen, consider a versatile element that can be used as storage, counter space, and even a kitchen table!