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Small-space dwellers know all too well the perils of having to cook in a tiny kitchen. Throw in a roommate or missing appliances, and the equation becomes all the more difficult. So we sought out the tricks, hacks, and accessories that take the sting out of attempting to function efficiently in tight quarters. Take a look!

Meal preps can be fairly difficult when you don’t have the space to work. Extend a limited counter space by supplementing the area with alternate surfaces. Set a cutting board or a butcher’s block over the sink, or bring in a kitchen cart with a flat top surface. Bonus points if the latter method doubles as an additional source for storage!

For those who find it hard to cook within a small-space kitchen on a daily basis, consider adopting the meal prep method. Designate a day for cooking each week, and prep your meals ahead of time to avoid having to constantly subject yourself to working in a tiny kitchen!

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While some homes come graced with top-of-the-line appliances and a vast counter space, others are barely lucky enough to have room for a mini fridge or even an oven. Whether your space skimps out on an actual oven or just the stove top, there are plenty of ways to get around it. Hot plates and various other countertop appliances can make for relatively functional substitutes.

Consider toaster ovens the countertop and small-space-friendly alternatives to their bulkier counterparts. Pictured here, the TILLREDA is a sleek and beautifully understated take on a classic hot plate. Naturally, from IKEA, it has the ability to stand in any spot that comes equipped with an electrical outlet, for a makeshift kitchen setup!

Meal delivery services make for a great alternative to traditional cooking methods, as the ingredients come pre-measured and prepared, eliminating the need for gathering all the items yourself. Often a cause for a cluttered mess!

Bring in countertop-based electronics to make up for a lack of specific appliances. From slow cookers to electric skillets, there are an array of clever items that will make your life a whole lot easier. Food steamers, made for microwave cooking, call for healthy veggie dinners on the daily! Proof that a lack of space doesn’t mean a compromise on eating well.

Go raw! While this may be a more plausible option in the warm summer months – when fresh fruits and vegetables are at a-plenty – cutting corners here and there can definitely help take the nuisance out of having to cook in a small space on a daily basis. In lieu of having to take out the hot plate (as a stand-in for a stove) or a slow cooker, utilize no-heat appliances such as blenders or food processors.

Avoid making everything from scratch – as hard as it may be to resist! Throw a delicious salad together with store-bought ingredients, or complement a ready-made meal with a few garnishes from whatever is left in the fridge.

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Another clever workaround for stove-less kitchen spaces is simply relying more on your microwave. While that might sound iffy, a company called Leuke is making your microwave a lot more versatile, and a lot healthier. Check out their steamer pots, rice makers, and many more smart, microwave-ready tools for cooking in any apartment.

And sometimes you just have to downsize. Standard full size appliances are typically made for “standard” kitchens that come equipped with traditional kitchen necessaries. When your kitchen is nothing more than a corner of your studio, consider smaller appliances that still pack a style punch, case in point: The Smeg mini.