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Samsung’s Latest Range Frees Up Countertop Space in the Kitchen

The two-in-one appliance starts at $1,300.
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Air fryers have earned the buzz fair and square. Not only do they turn out crispy, delicious food without the addition of a ton of oil, they also heat up in record time. The major con? The bulky, not-so-cute appliance tends to consume a lot of countertop space. Fortunately, Samsung’s latest gadget frees up that precious real estate.

The Front Control Slide-in Ranges (out now) have a dedicated air-fry mode so you can have one less eyesore sitting out on display. The appliances are also teched out with other smart features that will come in handy when the holidays are in full swing: You can connect them to your WiFi and voice-enabled devices so that when your hands are full, you can simply ask your go-to virtual assistant to adjust the temperature and cook time. 

The collection starts at $999 for a basic, voice-enabled large oven, while the ranges with the special air-fry tray begin at $1,300 (which is still a steal given the average cost of a new oven is $2,000, according to an estimate from Home Advisor). Its fancy features are worth taking advantage of every night, but they’ll be especially useful come Thanksgiving if you’re cooking solo. “Alexa, how much time is left for the turkey?”

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