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When was the last time you got excited about a refrigerator? Stainless steel has long been a popular and practical choice, but where the shiny fixtures fall short is design. Fortunately, bold appliances are on the up-and-up. Everyone is craving color in the kitchen, from Justina Blakeney, whose Instagram-famous studio kitchen has a baby blue Smeg fridge, to DIYer Katie Sarokhanian, who hacked her dated double oven with a matte black vinyl wrap. And you can’t forget that pastel mini coolers had a viral moment last spring. With everyone craving color in the kitchen, Big Chill’s fall collection couldn’t have come at a better time. 

The manufacturer, which is known for its colorful, vintage-inspired products, has announced a new curated palette inspired by the 1970s. According to the brand, its green and blue options have long been its most popular purchases, so it only makes sense that this lineup features two updated shades: Azur Blue, a rich navy, and Water Blue, a hue with teal undertones. Big Chill also just added Beige Red and Rose to its assortment. Each of the four new colors is available in the company’s Classic, PRO, and Retro styles.

So is a flashy coral microwave or pink range hood a good investment? If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, understand that some buyers might not have the same taste or style as you. That said, replacing old, inefficient appliances with newer models is definitely worth your money—no matter what they look like. You can recoup 95 percent of the cost you put into a minor remodel, and this includes replacing the cooktop/oven range and the slide-in refrigerator. This update deserves a place on your to-do list, so why not go with something that makes you smile? 

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