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If there’s anything we’ve learned from homes over the past few years, it’s that good things really do come in small packages. The rise of tiny homes has fueled a number of other pint-size trends—from teeny plunge pools to minuscule vacuums—but the latest micro fad might just be the cutest of them all.

Retro mini refrigerators are going viral and, no, we’re not talking about the dingy black boxes that have haunted college dorm rooms since the dawn of time. Instagram is obsessing over pastel-colored coolers that are both petite and primed for storage, and we want in.


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Cooluli, Frigidaire, and Peripera were the first few appliance brands that caught the eyes of beauty editors and product junkies who were looking for a chic and clever way to stash their temperature-sensitive potions. But the pint-size fun didn’t stop in the bathroom. Online wine retailer Winc recently used Frigidaire’s adorable blush pink mini fridge in an advertisement for Summer Water Societé. Lesson learned? You can don’t have to resort to a clunky cooler to keep your rosé chilled on the beach.


Of all the reasons to jump on this adorable bandwagon, we’re doing it for the old-school charm. Here are five miniature refrigerators that will change your storage style for the better.

If Your Medicine Cabinet is Overflowing…

Cooluli Classic Fridge Electric Cooler, Amazon ($45)

Your favorite beauty bloggers are doing it, so why aren’t you? Keep your skincare products fresh with a mini cooler specifically designed for serums, creams, and everything in between.

If You Get Hungry in the Middle of the Night…

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RCA Yellow 6-Can Mini-Fridge, Nordstrom ($30)

Snackers, rejoice! This sunny yellow fridge will make you feel less guilty about binging on ice cream come midnight. 

If You Want to Hit the Water…

Frigidaire Compact Mini Beverage Refrigerator, Amazon ($62)

Unless you’ve found a way to seamlessly carry a bulky two-person cooler on the beach or at the pool, let us know. Until then, we’ll be cooling off outdoors with this perfectly pink fridge at our side.  


If Meal Prepping Is Your Jam…

for the office
Chefman Mini Refrigerator, Bed Bath and Beyond ($60)

Lunchboxes will seem archaic once you start transporting workweek meals in this personal handheld cooler.

If You Are Your Own Bartender…

Smeg Mini Refrigerator, West Elm ($999)

For those among us who have yet to experience the luxury of a proper wine cooler, keep your vino chilled with this electric orange Smeg fridge.

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