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10 big ideas to steal for tiny kitchens

Simple tricks for making the most of a cozy space.
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Photography by LAURA RESEN

keep it light

The absence of light can significantly hinder the appearance of a small space. No windows? Opt for lighting solutions that can replicate a similar effect. 

find a backdrop that wows

An ornate background provides a unique and decorative element to a space, distracting the eye from the intimate nature of the layout.

Orange and Red Kitchen

create contrast

Establish a sense of diversity within the decor elements of the room. Contrast a vibrantly colored set of cabinets with a light floor or whitewashed appliances. 

Photography by LAURA MOSS

embrace minimalism

When it comes to the decor, keep it simple. An abundance of decorative elements can unnecessarily overcrowd a space.

Photography by JULIANA SOHN

trick the eye

Install a backsplash with an intricate tile design composed of small pieces, to give off an illusion of a larger space. 

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White and Wood Kitchen

ditch the cabinets

Floating shelves allow more space for storing dinnerware, as opposed to their bulky counterparts. Mount them high up against the walls to instill a sense of height within the room. 

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think double duty

Invest in a kitchen cart that can double as extra storage or counter space. A wall-mounted table plays to a similar effect, providing a versatile station for all your culinary needs. 

Photography by A Beautiful Mess

paint a clever colorblock

Paint the insides of cabinets in a contrasting shade to evoke a sense of added depth. 

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Use chic wire baskets to store infrequently used items. 

Black and White Kitchen
Photography by KRISTA KELTANEN

hang free

When it comes to kitchen storage, skip the obvious and think a bit more unconventionally. Rather than having spices take up valuable shelf space, hang them up on the side of a cabinet. Stuffed fridge? Opt for suspended wire baskets to store everything from fruits and veggies, to fresh herbs and packaged goods.

Photography by IKEA

use every square inch

Make the most of the space you have! Awkward layouts, tiny corners, and slanted ceilings can be quite challenging to work with, especially in small spaces. Install floating shelves in spots too contoured for cabinets and use the area above the sink for added storage.

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