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Tiny homes just got even tinier, but sadly, you can’t move into these particular ones. Your custom-made digital avatar, however, absolutely can—thanks to The Sims 4’s brand-new Tiny Living expansion pack. That’s right: All your Sims can say sul sul (that’s “hello” in Simlish) to stylishly small spaces.

This expansion pack comes complete with teensy residential lots that fit surprisingly cool little houses (like an A-frame cabin or contemporary, sloped-roof digs), as well as furniture pieces for slightly cramped living (think: Murphy beds and delightful Scandinavian cabinets). Tiny homes aren’t totally new in the Sims world—as Curbed reported, gamers started creating their own small-scale buildings last year and broadcasted them on YouTube—but this new pack makes working with meager square footage (square pixels?) even easier.

And even if you’re not planning to play The Sims anytime soon (the threat of it consuming your social life is very real, we’ll admit), the game can give you some great inspiration for your own small space.

Use Half-Walls to Differentiate Open Spaces

Courtesy of EA/Maxis

Unobstructed floor plans can be tricky, but zoning is easier with the help of partial walls. Here, an extra sitting area leaves room for one Sim to watch TV or do some reading, while another gets some z’s on the Murphy bed. IRL, this is also a pretty smart setup to make sure everyone gets at least some privacy in shared quarters.

Opt for Color-Blocked Storage Solutions

Courtesy of EA/Maxis

When you have a lot of stuff to tuck away and absolutely zero space, consider a color-blocked cabinet. They’re totally functional and feel decorative without adding clutter.

Fake a Kitchen Counter

Courtesy of EA/Maxis

No surface space? No problem. Just place a tall table against a wall and get some barstools—who needs a full-size table? Certainly not you—or your Sim.

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