Published on October 6, 2015

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Photography by with hearts

Butcher block countertops are everywhere right now. In cozy Brooklyn kitchenettes and backcountry cottages, we’re noticing designers and homeowners choosing the warmth and texture of wood over the sophisticated—but sometimes-sterile feel—of stone countertops.


Whether you like it distressed or carefully oiled, butcher block is—compared to granite and marble—a low-maintenance, versatile choice that lends itself well to cabinetry of all kinds. Got dark under-counter cabinets, or traditional white shaker-style uppers? Wood works well with both. Also, it’s a great way to warm up a modern vibe, or accentuate an island.

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Photography by western living

Butcher block countertops can add warmth and natural coloring to an all-white, modern kitchen. 

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Photography by studio mcgee

A flat-grain butcher block tops an island creating the perfect streamlined look. 

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Photography by emily gilbert photography

Edge grain butcher block countertops are strong, stable and best of all, virtually maintenance-free (just use soap and water to clean). 

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Photography by christopher scott cabinetry

With its stunning grain and sturdy surface, prepare any meal in the kitchen easily upon a built-in butcher block countertop. 

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Photography by helynn ospina

End-grain butcher block countertops are great surfaces for cutting because they camouflage knife marks and are gentle on blade edges. 

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Photography by food 52

Butcher block countertops are long-lasting, easy to maintain and make any kitchen a masterpiece.

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Photography by anson smart

A wood butcher block countertop mixes well with many other countertop materials, especially marble and granite. 

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Photography by desire to inspire

Create a cottage-casual look in your kitchen with this butcher-block countertop that can double as a cutting board. 

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Photography by smitten studio

This long butcher block countertop and shelves makes the perfect work space that warms up the kitchen. 


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