17 kitchens with counter space we dream about

cue the envy. explore kitchen counters that fear no rolling pin.

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Getting creative with a small space is one of our favorite skills. But do you ever want to just…spread out? If your kitchen counter leaves you with little room for maneuver (or anything else), take a gander at 17 kitchens that aren’t shy on space.

Just think about it…Thanksgiving prep.


Double as a buffet? Don’t mind if I do!


Room for one more? Of course!

A station for  everything .

There are no words.

Hello, this is my butcher block. Because I have space for a butcher block.

You’d have to  yell  to be heard across this kitchen.

The very illusive double island.

Well hello there.


We totally want this profesh looking stunner.

Also included this for the amazing barstools, TBH.

The batches of cookies could all cool on the counter  at the same time .

Anyone wanna make some apple pie? How about five apple pies? We’ve got room, it’s fine.