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written by   ANNA KOCHARIAN

The living room is so named for a reason. So much of life is lived within those four walls that a comforting aesthetic is practically a requirement. Whether your style skews toward the minimally modern, classically elegant, a mixture of both, or even none of the above, it’s safe to say there are a few essentials every living room should have. Here’s what’s on our list.

  1. Arguably, the most important component of the living room, the sofa is the dominating piece that often sets the tone for the space.
  1. A soft landing pad for the floor, to designate the boundaries of the area.
  1. Wall-mounted TV or not, a media center is crucial for keeping rogue cables and modems in check.
  1. A stylish coffee table – with or without storage – that caters to your aesthetic. Tight on space? Opt for a pair of stools instead.
  1. … and while we’re at that – a tray to keep the coffee table clutter to a minimum.
  1. Art on the walls to liven up the room and make it a bit more personal.
  1. Solid sources of lighting. Need we say more?
  1. side table , which more often than not, becomes a chic storage solution for the remote.
  1. versatile piece that can double as extra seating, for when there’s company.
  1. Pops of color in unexpected places, preferably in the form ofcozy textures

11. Shelves to hold a prized collection of titles.

  1. Decorative accents for the coffee table, with functionality in mind.
  1. A cozy spot worth sinking into. AKA: just another way to fill an awkward corner.