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Every living room has its standard set of furnishings – sofa, coffee table, rug, lighting… you get the gist. And while the specifics of the decor may vary by person or style, there’s one spot in a home that is commonly overlooked – the walls. Fortunately, we have a fix. Now, we’re not talking about the standard paint job or wallpaper, but actual, tangible decorative accents to elevate blank walls. Take a peek at 31 style-focused ways to bring a little more depth to your living room walls!

Handwoven baskets in colorful patterns emulate the Southwestern-inspired design scheme of this vibrant living room.

When the coffee table can no longer function as a spot for your abundant magazine collection, consider a curated wall display instead.

Among the many ways to decorate a blank wall, the faux fireplace just may be our favorite. Featuring a firebox with a herringbone wood inlay and a cluster of potted plants, this intimate nook is the ultimate spot for kicking back.

Put up a colorful macrame installation for an added touch of texture to the living room.

Not all frames need art. We’re loving the effortlessly “unfinished” look of the matte black prints stacked against the blank wall of this monochromatic living room.

Take the minimalist route with this very chic yet simple moon phase wall display.

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Install a wall of floating florals by stringing single stemmed flowers along a fishing line, at various lengths in height.

For the avid traveler, a worldly backdrop that doubles as the accent wall of the room is only fitting.

Transform the empty living room wall into a mini home office. Install a floating shelf to function as the desk, and a sleek gridded structure for a wall-based organization system.

An exclusively matte black painting, strategically placed high up on a wall, can help instill a sense of depth within an otherwise whitewashed space.

Pair a blank living room wall with a bookcase loaded with your favorite titles, and top with an assortment of personal home accents.

Bring a neon sign into the minimalist living room for a Pinterest-worthy accent piece that will instantly elevate the space.

Pair an exposed brick wall with potted plants and cacti for a major green moment.

Establish an accent wall with function, much like this matte black, built-in bookshelf featuring a thematically color-coded selections of books.

No fireplace mantel? Install a bracketed or floating shelf above the firebox and deck with an eclectic assortment of greens, prints, and (naturally) a mirror.

Simplicity more your beat? Leave the wall blank and opt for a bold color block in two contrasting tones instead.

Landlines may be close to becoming obsolete but we’d certainly bring them back if it meant having an art-filled display as colorful as this.

Install a brick wall that extends up along the height of the living room for a redefining element of color and depth.

Set your artistic side free and transform a blank wall into a mixed media display filled with color, texture, and art!

A giant wall calendar may not be first on your list of decorative wall accents but this modular design sure makes a good case for the clean cut Scandinavian space.

Statement lighting

that fills up more than just a limited square section of a wall works best when paired with a minimalist design scheme.

Mirrors, with their powers of illusionary expansion, definitely deserve to take up a little wall.

Gather an assorted cluster of bright desert flowers and cacti to conceal an otherwise empty wall space.

A seemingly three-dimensional structure evokes an illusion of added depth while taking up significantly less space.

Create a playful corner, specifically with the little ones in mind, with portable toy crates and mini wall shelves filled with books and prints.

We’re no stranger to gallery walls and the living room without one simply isn’t complete.

Keep the wall blank and substitute in an intricately patterned wallpaper with a graphic print.

No living room wall? Build one of your own, or better yet, install a gridded indoor window (no additional decor necessary) to separate the various “rooms” within the home.

Bring the outdoors in! Over-sized cacti stylishly challenge the neutral design scheme of this modern living room with a daring touch of style.

Tassels never fail to elevate the decor of a room, especially one as elegantly curated as this.

For the home lacking a proper entryway, recreate one by pairing a thick-framed mirror with a statement seat – preferably one that comes in a vibrant color tone – and a pair of sconces to reinforce the look.