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A Dining Room Lighting Tweak That Creates Instant Ambience

Found in Hem’s new Manhattan studio.
dining table with conical black pendant hanging over

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A wall of Technicolor pillows. A bespoke sculpture from design duo Chen & Kai. A navy blue textured wall. There are so many standout moments in Hem’s just-opened New York City studio (the brand’s first on the East Coast!) that we were hard-pressed to pick just one—but the light fixture speaks for itself. In lieu of a traditional chandelier, the store designers opted for one giant conical pendant to hang over a dining table

“We loved the idea of installing an oversize light to create the feeling of a dedicated room within the high-ceiling space,” explains Petrus Palmer, Hem’s founder and CEO. They went with a matte black option from Wastberg to complement the company’s sleek Scandi aesthetic, and it comes in at a whopping 56 inches in diameter—talk about eye-catching.

The key is hanging the fixture low (Hem’s is only 25 inches above the table); that will help you attain a cozy, intimate vibe at your next dinner party. Just like at a campfire, being so close to the glow will encourage your guests to huddle together. So go ahead, switch out that cookie-cutter lamp you never really liked to begin with. Instant ambience awaits.

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