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There’s something so intimate and exotic about Moroccan decor. From patterned poufs and leather ottomans to vintage rugs and intricate tiles, the magic really is in the details. We turned to Cyrielle Rigot and Julien Tang—the brilliant minds behind Riad Jardin Secret in Marrakech—for inspo and advice on how to infuse your outdoor space with Moroccan flavor.

Rooftop Retreat

The secret to creating a lush, serene oasis? Use as much greenery as possible. An inviting seating area comes to life with a daybed, printed pillows, and a few accent chairs. Why not hang some macramé and repurpose an old door into a table? And don’t forget the details: add some candles, handmade pottery, and avintage carpetto delimitate the space.

Moorish Tiles 

Intricate,geometric tilesare a staple of Moroccan design. Luckily, you don’t have to jump on a plane—just hop in the car and head to your local tile retailer or home store—to find them. Try adding an inlay to your floor, wall, or even tabletop. Not ready to commit to a remodel? You can buy individual tiles and use them as coasters.  

Cozy Floor Seating 

“In Morocco, you often live on the ground,” notes Rigot and Tang. Pair a vintage berber carpet, like a kilim, boucherouite, Beni Ourain, or azilal, with some large floor pillows and a low-set table. And don’t be afraid to play with the natural light. A cane roof will let stripes of sunshine and moonlight come through.   

Laid-Back Lounge

The key to creating a great lounge space is that laid-back allure—pulled together, but never too fussy or over-styled. Don’t hesitate to mix and match rich colors, patterns, and textures for an eclectic look. Think: striped cushions and pillows, woven blankets, a hand-carved coffee table, and embroidered foot stools.

Al Fresco Dining

A cane roof, hanging lights, sun-drenched shades, and terracotta planters create a warm atmosphere. Finish your tablescape with a cloth runner, ceramic dishes, hand-blown glasses, and lanterns. Now all that’s left to do is cook up some tagine and dine under the stars.