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by Lexi Tollefsen

Dining room decor doesn’t have to be dull and straightforward. In fact, the eating area is one of the places in your home where all bets are off. Unlike your living room or bedroom where it’s best to set a calm tone, your dining room can be loud, vibrant and unexpected. Afterall, it is where dinner parties are thrown and family gatherings commence. What better way to brighten up your dining space than a statement rug? No matter your home’s style or size, there’s always a reason to experiment with something bold and beautiful.

Here’s why you need a statement rug in your dining room ASAP.

To tie in you accessories

See your rug as a chance to unify the decor in your dining room. Choose a rug with a color combination that harmonizes the pictures on the wall to the fresh flowers on the table.

To liven up modern furniture

Create a sense of play in your dining room with a colorful rug that contrasts with no-frills furniture. The finished look is casual, chic, and charismatic.

To feminize concrete floors 

Prevent concrete floors from feeling cold or overly masculine by styling your dining room with a textured rug. A rug with a shaggy finish layered on top of smooth flooring will make the entire space feel more nuanced and graceful.

To add a personal touch to minimalist decor

If your minimalist pad needs a boost, place a colorful rug underneath your dining room table. The subtle color accent will enhance the drama of clean lines and simplistic decor, giving your space just the right amount of character.

To make all white more interesting

Rugs with geometric patterns strike a perfect balance of neutral and playful. They also make an all white space feel more lived in and homey.

To show off your ability to mix styles

Here, midcentury modern furnishings are masterfully offset by a traditional rug. The contrast is subtle, yet sophisticated. Try breaking aesthetic boundaries in your own space to demonstrate your unexpected decor prowess.

To make a small space look cozy instead of crowded

A patterned shag rug is a great way to make a petite dining space look intimate

To make a big space look beautiful instead of bare

Big dining rooms can come off as lifeless if left too empty. Choose a rug with blurred geometric shapes that extends beyond the area of the dining room table to fill out the space without making it appear smaller or congested.

To simply experiment with color

If you gravitate towards neutral home decor, try venturing out of your comfort zone when choosing a rug. Adding bright, expressive shades to your dining room floor is a sophisticated way to say yes to color without overdoing it.

To make natural wood more inviting

Wood floors with an unfinished flare are easily upgraded with a simplistic, yet striking rug. The finished look is just as natural, but feels more polished.

To nail the country house look

If you’re going for the country or farmhouse look, opt for a patterned rug with a little color. The simple addition will pair perfectly with wooden furniture and make the entire space more charming.

To create conversation-starting contrast

If you’re aiming for an eclectic look, try a rug that introduces a new color or pattern into your space. Chestnut hardwood floors? Go with a black and white rug with a bold diamond print. White walls? Choose a busy traditional rug with pink and orange tones.

To separate the kitchen from the dining room

A statement rug is an easy way to better distinguish the cooking area from the eating area. The rug’s pop of color will neatly section off the dining space, especially in homes decorated in lighter palettes.