Photography by Brittany Ambridge Photography by Meghan McNeer

Fill a whitewashed space with an assortment of textured accents and organic details for an effortlessly rustic feel.

Photography by

A rustic cottage situated within an alpine locale is fully decked with an abundance of pattern.

Photography by ERIK OLSSON photo by tessa neustadt

A monochrome design scheme elevated by vibrant greens and subtle patterns calls for a rustic meets Scandinavian-chic space.



This spot may err on the side of the less traditional when it comes to living rooms but there’s no doubting its hint of rustic charm.

Photography by STIJLVOLSTYLING.COM Courtesy of Studio McGee

For just a subtle touch of rustic style, opt for a major color block to distract the eye.

Photography by LAURE JOLIET

A scattered handful of mid-century mod furnishings liven up the neutrality of the slipcovered sofa in this rustic spot.

Photography by AIRBNB

An eclectic slew of patterns and color complete this fearlessly decorated living room.


Photography by MATT ALBIANI Courtesy of Jessie Schuster

For the compact living room, a relatively limited color scheme helps define the rustic aesthetic of the room.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Inside this rustic seaside cottage, stained wood walls are paired with an almost exclusively white decor palette accented by the occasional pop of color.

Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK Photography by Root and Revel

Soft wooden details complement the mod fireplace with an exposed brick finish in this rustic city studio.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

This eclectically vintage living room features a more dynamic take on the rustic scheme with its slew of inspired items.


Photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE Photography by Anthropologie

A desert-inspired palette emulates an earthy essence throughout the decor of this neutral-based living room.


Inside this Australian sitting room, a double duty bench aside the fireplace conveniently provides storage space for the firewood.

Photography by PINTEREST

A bold wall paint paves the way for a handful of cozy textures of varying shades.

Photography by SIMON WATSON Photography by Sharyn Cairns; Interior Design by Tasmin Johnson

Create a cozy spot by the fireplace with a comfy lounge decked with textured basics.


Photography by HELENA BLOMQVIST VIA LANTLIV Courtesy of Marisa Yeung

An effortless mix of vintage furnishings and modern accents redefine the basis of a rustic scheme.

Photography by HELENA BLOMQVIST VIA LANTLIV Courtesy of Marisa Yeung

A reclaimed wood coffee table doubles as the focal point of this dreamy, whitewashed room.

Photography by ASHLEY KELEMEN Photography by Heidi’s Bridge

Inside this tiny bungalow, wooden ceiling beams accentuate the frame of the living room, paving the way for the rustic items and decor.

Photography by Lean Timms

A chic side stool fits right in with this rustic fireplace featuring an exposed brick surround.


Photography by Ashley Kelemen

A vintage dresser doubles as an impromptu home office in this shabby chic nook.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge Photography by Gabriela Herman

Rustic wooden beams coupled with all-white furnishings pretty much call for perfection.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge Courtesy of Studio DB

A charming cottage interior with stained wood panelings features an eye-catching color scheme that inspires relaxation.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

This more casually laid-back sitting room is composed of a desert-esque design filled with pattern and style.


Photography by


outdoor living room

with one seriously stunning view features an accented palette of the most lively hues.

This rustic Australian living room proves that a lack of color only provides opportunity for a more decoratively fierce design.

Photography by DESIGN SPONGE

Rustic meets modern in this stunning living room of a monochromatic scheme.



From the stylish sheepskins to the rustic wood flooring, this mod living space was designed for creatures of comfort.

Photography by THE FIFTH

We’re loving the neutral palette of this serene living space, filled with rustic textures and subtly patterned textiles.

Photography by PINTEREST

An all-white interior with a hint of exposed brick adds a charming touch to the wall-to-wall bookshelf installation.


Within this quaint living room nook, a rustic vignette of found objects lends a more personal touch to the decor.


Photography by MOMTASTIC

A quintessentially rustic coffee table with an industrialized twist, fits right in with surrounding elements of the living room’s decor.

Photography by NOUS DECOR

Elevate overly rustic flooring with a relatively refined decor scheme driven by deeply saturated grays and blues.

Photography by BECKI OWENS

A whitewashed brick fireplace is paired with a rustic wooden mantle and a sleek ceramic vase filled with greens.

Photography by A HOUSE IN THE HILLS

Within the modern framework of this contemporary home, reclaimed wood furnishings help inspire a more rustic feel to the space.