Photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE Photography by TERRY BROWN

Want to maximize your small space? Not quite sure how to incorporate color? We have some tips and ideas that may help you create your dream spot!

Photography by RICHARD FELBER

If you’re looking to add a bit of excitement to a neutral space, do it with color. Take a risk in an unexpected and eye-catching spot–like the sofa.

Photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

Color helps ground a space. Choose a timeless style that integrates color (yellows and greens) and that can tie a room together.

Photography by WARCHOL PAUL

Wishing your small space was larger? Add depth by hanging a mirror. How high? How low? When it comes to hanging this piece, leave about 7″ between the mantel and the bottom of the mirror. The impact? It will instantly open up your room.

Photography by none Photography by WARCHOL PAUL

The endless “what to do with that big, bare wall” challenge? Creating a gallery wall will make a space feel full and lived-in. (BTW: During the winter that’s exactly what we all need!) Here’s an opportunity for you to tell a story with favorite photos or showcase your favorite art. See how to create a gallery wall here.

Photography by none Photography by CARTER BERG
Photography by none Photography by MIKKEL VANG

Looking for high drama? Hang a chandelier. And while we all love the dramatic effect (ok sometimes we do), choosing a light fixture with a clean and classic style is a win-win. Bring in an extra source of light with a floor lamp.

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You hear it all the time: Add on pillows for that extra burst of color. We love that idea. However, when you take an unexpected decorating risk (hello, yellow sofa), let your pillows be your neutrals. See more ways to decorate with pillows.

Photography by none Photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

If you’re looking to bring in other seating options stick to a complementary palette. Here is another great opportunity to incorporate neutrals into the living space.

Photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE Photography by CARTER BERG

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