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Admit it: We put a lot of our decorating energy into making the living room truly spectacular. Since we spend the most time here, it makes so much sense. Take a peek at some of our favorite styles. 


This living room has a focal point: the fireplace. Arrange your furniture around it and then add layering details like a vintage chandelier, fluffy rug, and nesting tables. 

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Approach every room as a work-in-progress. Especially the living room. Choosing a color theme will make it easier to mix and match items that you fall in love with serendipitously.

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Create a fresh, modern living room using a neutral palette mixed with unexpected furniture.

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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Think of your living room as a blank canvas. With bold pillows and bright pops of color, you can turn this space into a masterpiece.

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Photography by PAUL COSTELLO

from the archives…

This 400-square-foot bedroom/living room/dining room is one we’ll never forget for the creative and constantly evolving decorating style. Small spaces can be some of the most beautiful. We have a solid trick for making the room seem bigger: Hang a curtain between the living room and home office. Your small space has just doubled and you can quickly hide any mess. 

Photography by JAMES MERRELL

It’s about savoring and holding tight to the pieces that make you happy. Few have done it better than this decorator. Your best bet may be to paint the walls a neutral color (like this pale gray) to stand as the backdrop for your treasures.

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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Does your

room look

a bit too clean and pristine? It might need the right touches. Set up an inviting, conversation-making living room with the necessities: cozy throws and an open table.

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Photography by Zeke Ruelas DEsigner: Emily Henderson, oh joys studio

Stick to the basic rules of decorating: have fun, be fearless, and keep it personal. Pull that drawer open and allow those items to be displayed as art. Mix and match frames, and accentuate the assortment with colorful furniture. 

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Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

from the archives…

A traditional living room that pulls off a cozy vibe. That doesn’t happen too often, which is why we will always look back on this photo for direction. A bright accent color instantly takes a room from traditional to modern without losing its sophisticated impact.