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Photography by Joe Fletcher

If there is one aspect of summer that excites us more than any other, the prospect of being able to actually spend time outdoors is definitely top of list. From endless evenings of entertaining to lazy lunches under the sun, there is something to be said of the time spent within the natural elements.

With that in mind, we turned to the outdoor spaces that fall under the extravagant category for a little inspiration—this San Francisco home with its immaculate backyard is one such example. And while the spots ahead will definitely garner all sorts of decor-envy, there are plenty of takeaways from each well-designed exterior. Here’s what we learned.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

If the interior of designer David Hick’s Oxfordshire home were any indication, we’d venture to expect that the outdoors would be just as impressive. And when you have the lush, English countryside to work with, you can bet that the exterior will resemble quite an over-the-top setting. Aside from the climbing wisteria, which impart the brick home with a welcome pop of color, it’s the immaculately structured greenery that provides a balanced sense of order to the bucolic setting.

Photography by Joe Schmelzer for ONE KINGS LANE

Leave it to Mindy Kaling to serve us up with some major outdoor envy, courtesy of her freshly remodeled backyard. Bearing the comedy writer’s signature eclectic style, the space is a color-charged oasis riddled with cool blues, which beautifully complement the vibrant green surround. The teak furnishings, which were specifically chosen for their durable nature, provide yet another effortless tonal pairing within the scene.

Photography by SKYE PARROT

Consider this a lesson in thinking outside of the box, when it comes to furnishing your outdoor space. White, gray, and black-toned furniture may come at a plenty but, we’re definitely here for a color choice that skews outside of the ordinary. Case in point? Carly Jo Morgan‘s ultra chic, pink concrete bench, which not only manages to set the literal (and figurative) tone of the exterior but also imparts the outdoors with a vibrant splash of color.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

When it came to the design of her Hampton’s retreat, Food Network‘s Katie Lee was all for creating a space that was laid-back and casual. And while “casual” probably wouldn’t be our first word of choice in describing the lavish grounds that surround the pristine pool, it definitely rings in as one we could easily turn to for some quality downtime.

Photography by ANNABEL ELSTON

Apart from the absolutely dreamy grounds, it’s the rich terracotta hues of this 18th-century Italian villa that take the exterior to the next level. Well, that and the rolling hills, which oh-so-casually lurk in the backdrop. And while recreating such a scene can be a challenging undertaking, perhaps this one is best served merely as a source of inspiration.

Photography by DANA GALLAGHER

We’re all for taking a simplistic approach to your outdoor furnishings, especially when you’re working with a setting as visually rich and defined as this one. Outfit a corner with a simple, bistro-inspired set of chairs and a table, and frame the setup with an abundance of plants. If you’re not at the liberty to plant trees or bushes, bring in an eclectic potted variety to mimic a similar feel.

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