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If you live in a city and are lucky enough to have a balcony (however small), cherish it. Those of us with fire escapes or no outdoor space to speak of at all are supremely jealous. That said, unless you are blessed with a particularly large balcony, chances are you don’t have a ton of square footage to work with; and if you thought figuring out patio designs for small spaces was tough, try cramming storage and style together in one little glorified ledge.

Enter: Social media, the source of much style envy/inspo, and somewhat of a lifesaver when it comes to figuring out what to do with our homes. When it comes to determining how to get the most out of a tiny balcony, it’s no exception. Here, the best small balcony styling hacks we learned from Pinterest and Instagram.

Want to make your al fresco dining a bit more elevated than sitting picnic-style on a blanket? Go for an outdoor furniture set that won’t break the bank but still looks expensive. We love this set from Ikea, which is foldable for easy storage during the colder months. The timeless design is one you’ll love for years to come.

Of all the gorgeous balconies we found, most had one thing in common: They were all full of greenery in some capacity. If you’re worried that having an overflow of plants might cramp your already-small balcony, don’t—the more the merrier, according to this well-styled space. And while a lack of square footage doesn’t mean limiting yourself to how many plants you can include, it does mean getting a bit creative with the way in which you display them. Try a small step stool for extra storage space.


Don’t neglect lighting! If the sconce lighting your balcony came with isn’t up to par with your decor standards, try incorporating a statement piece to make your outdoor space feel a bit more special. Whether you go for a chic textured pendant, a scuptural table lamp, or a set of string lights for some mood lighting, there are tons of options you can pick from to create a balcony that’s truly an extension of your home, rather than an afterthought.


Yes, you can have a rug outside—according to the vintage rug experts over at Revival Rugs, at least. “You want something durable enough to handle different weather conditions,” explains co-founder Joyce Kong, who recommends wool for dry climates and hemp for areas more prone to rainfall. This colorful vintage one is a great wool option; try this striped rug for a similar piece in hemp.


$50 will get you the ultimate balcony organizing tool, and it’s courtesy of Ikea. The Läckö shelving unit, pictured here, is made from wrought iron and built explicitly for your outdoor space. It serves as a convenient home for everything from gardening tools to potted plants to smaller decorative pieces—basically, it’s sure to be a tiny balcony owner’s best friend.  


Feel free to get creative with your seating options. If you don’t have the space for a set of chairs, try something a little more casual. This decorator used a waterproof airbed mattress—though if a full-on mattress isn’t in the cards for you spatially, go for these equally comfy but more small space-friendly floor pillows.


To instantly add interest to a really, really tiny space like this one, play with height. Two different-sized side tables are both functional and fashionable; especially when paired with a mix of potted plants. Eschew a matching set and go for something that feels more unintentional by mixing styles—like this sleek metal tray table paired with this natural wood stool.

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