drool-worthy living room decorating ideas

Creative ways to style your space!
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Blush toned florals soften the intensity of a masculine scheme, evoking a subtle touch of refined elegance.

White Living room
Photography by MY PARADISSI

Myriad textures inspire comfort within the streamlined details of this Scandanavian-esque space.

White Living room
Photography by VOGUE.AU

An oversized plant adds a much-needed breath of life to a modern space, creating a natural movement within the aesthetic.

White Living room
Photography by HOMELIFE.AU

Can’t take the plunge? Start out small by rotating through a handful of brightly-colored items to find what best fits your space and style.

White Living room

Mix and match textures to instill a dynamic essence within the decor scheme. Stick to a basic palette, using slight variations of a few select hues.

White Living room

Complement the simplicity of a monotone space with sleek metallics and polished accents.

White Living room
Photography by DUST JACKET ATTIC

Subdued shades and motley of glossy finishes evoke a touch of rustic elegance in a classic space.

White Living room
Photography by STADSHEM

Elegant crown molding and ample sources of natural light set the scene in this charming Parisian flat. In an untraditional layout, skip the the sofa and opt for more versatile seating solutions that complement the space.

White Living room
Photography by HOMELIFE.COM.AU

Fill your space with vibrant pieces, incorporating bold color pairings and textures. Offset the daring palette with a neutral backdrop or subtle accents in muted tones.

Purple and White Living room
Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

Blush tones and an abundance of light evokes a warm essence in this delightfully elegant living space.

Gray and White and Wood Living room
Photography by MATT ALBIANI

Soft, earthy accents capture the rustic undertones of this cozy space, imparting a sense of balance within the design.

Anne Ziegler White Living room
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