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mount it

Mounting your TV on the wall is a great way to save space and to avoid the dreaded entertainment center.

display it on a shelving system

If you’re strapped for space, a corner shelving system is a good idea. Try a curved TV which amplifies this viewing experience further. And by shelving system, we don’t necessarily mean one that is dedicated to TVs. Try bookcases–the bonus is that they’re often much cheaper, too. 

surround it with pictures and photos

Make it feel like a true piece of art by surrounding it with other things you and your family love. Experiment with different colors and textures to achieve a really interesting look.

hide it from view

When all else fails, why not hide it? Storage units with sliding doors are great for this, or DIY your own with things like old doors.

go for a gallery effect

Give your TV a home alongside art, with photography and paintings that surround your TV.

keep your style

If you are wondered about a modern TV disrupting your shabby-chic or vintage aesthetic, consider buying a vintage TV from your local antique store. Retro TVs work as great conversation starters.

the accent wall

Consider putting wood panels behind your TV. This adds depth and cool contrast.