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the worst living rooms EVER

oh honey no.

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Bad living room decor has a way of burning itself into our minds, setting up camp there with bad arm chair fabric and dirty carpeting. But sometimes, in entertainment, that’s exactly the point. Below, we’ll explore some of the worst (and therefore most memorable) living rooms we’ve ever seen on the silver (or small) screen.


So um…what are we going for here guys? This ultra 80’s NYC art scene-inspired family room looks like it would hurt us if we walked in. It did however provide a really cool backdrop for the movie’s final scene.

3rd Rock From The Sun

As it turns out, aliens don’t know much about interior design. Who knew? The traveling foursome in this sitcom classic (including JGL, swoon),  made the best of a very yard-sale-chic space.

Married With Children

Oh man. That couch. That rug. That sour attitude. So much no. (But we love you Peggy)!

A Christmas Story

A classic film, yes. A beloved family activity? Yes. A living room you’d pin? Nope, nope, nope! Yellowy beige, orange tinged lighting, who ever thought a leg lamp would be the cutest thing in a room?

The Addams Family

Presented without commentary.

Reality Bites

Oh Lelaina. Your post-college decor hangover is one for the scrapbooks, it really is. We like to think Lani went on to bigger, better, chicer things.

30 Rock

Oh, Kenneth.


Literally called “The One With The Dirty Girl,” this episode of Friends featured Ross dating a woman with the grossest living room essentially ever, complete with Mitsy the hamster living in a chip bag….oh wait no, that was a rat. Why, just why?

True Romance

When you toss a young Brad Pitt into the mix, how bad can a living room be, really? But the ick-inducing surroundings here (notice the VHS tapes) earned this room a space on our list.

Grey’s Anatomy

Christina Yang (forever our fave–we miss you), didn’t let us (or anyone) see her apartment for a really long time. We didn’t get it, until we got it. Girl, get a vacuum.

The Big Lebowski

We don’t care how much that rug pulls the room together, a lot of that junk needs to be pulled out of the room altogether.

Mad About You

We’re not saying there’s necessarily anything wrong with the 90’s classic sitcom decor scheme happening here. Where we take offense is where nobody in NYC has a living room this big. Nobody. Don’t lie to us.