the best movie living rooms of all time

one of those "can't pick a favorite" moments.

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by Cora L Diekman

sex and the city 2

Couture took second billing (if only for a moment!) in the second installment of SATC via Carrie and Big’s upscale New York digs. This elegant space, a creation of Marks & Frantz Interior Design, hit the mark in every way — bold color, abundant texture, rich fabrics…and oh, that furniture! Every room is drool-worthy, but there’s something about that

blue couch

that sends this glam living room over the top.

the intern

Yes, every single interior featured in this film has us planning a remodel, but Jules’ glamorous living room is perfection defined. Director Nancy Meyers is known for her tempting set designs, and after teaming up with Production Designer Kristi Zea, we think The Intern is her best yet. This living room has something for everyone — bold architecture, the ideal combination of traditional and modern furniture pieces, and even a touch of retro flair by way of a seriously chic acid-yellow sofa.

the man from u.n.c.l.e.

This newly released film is a treat for fans of retro-inspired 1960’s decor. We’re especially in love with Victoria’s home, which is also heavy with vintage Italian influence. This living space created by Production Designer Oliver Scholl is bright and dramatic, eclectic and fun — like the Italian vacation home of our dreams.

it’s complicated

Another of Nancy Meyers’ creations, Jane’s dreamy Santa Barbara home is the perfect marriage of California and Tuscany, inside and out. The living room is no exception with lots of wood, a warm color palette, rustic touches, and plenty of extra plush seating — like a Pottery Barn catalog come to life. It’s warm, traditional, inviting, and the cozy-factor begs you to settle in with a good book.

the holiday

Is there anything more charming than a cozy snow-covered cottage in the English countryside? Iris’s Surrey home is the quintessential shabby-chic cottage fantasy of our dreams, complete with a stone fireplace, exposed beams, mismatched furniture, florals, candles, and piles of books everywhere you look — seriously bucket list-vacay worthy.

the parent trap

The classic 1961 version of this film is a time capsule for fabulous midcentury interiors, especially in the case of Mitch’s sprawling California ranch house. Every room is a perfect illustration of that transitional period when midcentury designs were just making way for a new era of retro-modern styles that carried us into the 70’s. The fabrics, the patterns, the colors, and that furniture! With a renewed interest in mid-century modern furnishings, any of these pieces would still feel in vogue today.

pride and prejudice

The 2005 adaptation of this classic novel is a pre-Victorian fantasy come to life, complete with period fashions, lyrical dialogue, and picturesque English countryside scenery. But for a decophile, nothing is more swoon-worthy than the cozy antique-chic charm of the Bennett family home. From the father’s book filled study to the lovingly timeworn dining room, every space draws you in for a closer look. The drawing room is yet another inviting nook, with faded blue walls, lots of dramatic wood, an oversized fireplace, lush fabrics, lovely colors, and tons of sunlight — it’s the tea party of our dreams!

sex and the city

There’s no denying that fashion takes center stage in this franchise, and Carrie’s redecorated apartment from the first film absolutely delivers. There is so much to take away from this design, we could fill an entire Pinterest board with inspiration.  It’s a visual how-to for designing small spaces, mixing bold patterns, playing with color, the importance of textiles…the list goes on and on. If nothing else, the walls in this lovely space sparked an electric blue frenzy, and taught us that blue CAN be ultra feminine when done right.

breakfast at tiffany’s

This is exactly how we picture New York City life in the 60’s — a glam but minimalist apartment with pops of bold retro-inspired color, and similarly designed furniture. If only we could step into Holly’s world for an afternoon and delight in the simplicity of this fashionable era gone by.

the holiday

This film is bursting with inspiration from two very different parts of the world, which is why it deserves a second mention. While Iris’ English cottage is shabby-chic cozy, Amanda’s spacious LA mansion is the opposite in every way — modern, uncluttered, airy, and monochromatic — defined by clean lines and modern everything. The living room steps right out of a furniture catalog, where everything is perfectly positioned and white furniture never gets soiled. Yes, Iris, we’d be jumping with excitement too.