shared bedrooms that aren’t actually the worst

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by Tomikka Anderson

We’ve all been there, having to share a room at least once in our lives. Whether in childhood, college, or as a guest at a friend’s home, sharing a room can either be a drag or a fond memory. To ensure the latter, a shared room must be designed with thought and impeccable taste. If you’re planning to maximize your guest room with twin beds, creating a fun-filled children’s room, or you need inspiration to transform your dorm room into an oasis, we have 10 inspiring shared rooms to help you do just that.

As seen on our favorite design shows, an attic isn’t just a dumping ground for holiday decorations. It can be a unique space to transform into a bedroom. If the slanted ceilings are too low for a master, why not consider creating a gender-neutral children’s room with built-in shelves and a window seat?

Don’t shy away from designing your kid’s room in a way that reflects their energy and animated personalities. As seen here with perfectly captured images and the vibrant color choices.

Bunk beds don’t have to automatically remind you of summer camp. By adding a complementary wallpaper behind the beds, along with curtains to create a semi-private space, you can upgrade your bunk beds to adult status, geniusly.

If you find yourself hosting more families than singles, try a layout that includes both parent and child. This is a great option to avoid kids being afraid while sleeping in a new room alone.

Liven up your kid’s shared room with shimmying stars or animal prints to assure a night of sweet dreams, as seen in this whimsical getaway.

If creepy, slimy, and squirmy things are what excite your little ones. Take a clue from this loft space by adding a reptile to the top bunk and a nature-inspired color scheme to the bedding.

Rainbow motifs are more versatile than you think. Explore a single rainbow custom headboard designed for your two twin beds.

Your clean, simple, and modern design does not have to stop at your shared guest room. With the proper headboards and bold color choices, you can carry your design style into the space perfectly.

Shared rooms don’t always call for twin beds or bunk beds. Create a perfect reading/sleeping area by placing a daybed under the window opposite a full bed.

To maximize your shared room, move both twin beds alongside the wall. This layout allows you to have more floor space for unique rugs, pillows, and playtime.