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Sound advice from those who know best.
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Don’t be afraid to mix prints. – Kerry M.

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My mom is a big fan of velvet hangers. (Because even the inside of your closet should look nice, apparently). She’s sent me literally 100 of them in the mail. #thanksmom  – Shani S.

Blue and White Living room
If you’re going to scrimp on anything in an apartment, save on curtains. Best advice: white linen panels are easy because they can be washed easily. – Brittany C.
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1. Color code your closet from light to dark. It makes pieces easier to find. 2. Never sell your antiques. 3. Refresh your coffee table book assortment regularly. 4. Keep your favorite cutting boards and kitchen accessories out on display on the counter. 5. Monochrome and sisal rugs are key. – Stephanie H.
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Never spend too much money on trendy pieces and to invest in the timeless, while being cheap with the fun decor. And, white or gray goes with everything. – Emily P.

White Living room

“A little leopard goes a long way. So let’s take it down a notch, ok?” – Caroline B.

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Designers always tell me – lighting makes the room. It establishes the ambiance from the minute you enter. – Beth B.

Black Bedroom

You should always buy carpet and furniture that matches the dogs hair. That way you have to vacuum less. Also, that you’ll go crazy if your bedroom has wallpaper on more than one wall. – Sara H.

Brown and White and Wood Living room

This wasn’t as much decorating advice as it was life advice, but it applies here as well: If it seems wrong, it is wrong.  – Mike H.

Both of my parents are huge advocates for buying things for your home when you travel. Your home becomes a reflection of your adventures and experiences, and you live surrounded by memories of all of the fun places you’ve been! – Jessica R.
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