7 great ways to display art – no nails required!

Creative ways to dress up your space, minus the hammer and drill.

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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Forget nails (and chipped plaster), and cue wall-friendly ways to hang artwork and more!

washi tape

If you haven’t heard of washi tape, know that it sparked a revolution of its own. While the decorative tape is better suited for lightweight artwork (think: posters), it’s the perfect way to add a colorful pop to your walls.

White Bedroom

command hooks

It’s okay to be a little skeptical of Command hooks, but don’t let skepticism scare you from using these super handy adhesives. With varying styles to choose from, Command hooks have the power to hold heavy artwork. You won’t have to worry about your art falling frame the walls, and that’s a promise.


mounting putty

Mounting putty is best for posters, but the adhesive you used to hang photographs as teenager has come along way. Throw it back to the old days by hanging lightweight frames and canvas artwork with mounting putty.

White Bedroom
Photography by NGọC BáU

display easels

Who says that artwork has to be confined to your walls? Make use of extra floor space in your home by displaying your favorite piece of art on an easel. They’re both decorative and flexible so pick them up and place them anywhere around your home whenever you need a change of scenery.

Gray and Taupe Living room
Photography by JOY SOHN

brick clips

Use brick clips to hang your favorite piece of artwork if you are lucky enough to live in a space with exposed brick walls. With these strong clips, you can hang your favorite pieces without making holes in the brick. Talk about the best of both worlds.

White Bedroom
Photography by AMAZON

toggle holts

Though they involve drilling, toggle holts are best for heavier artwork. Simply drill a hole in your wall, push in the bolt with the toggle attached, and hang your artwork once the toggle’s wings have gripped the back of your wall.

White Bedroom

paint hangers

This is versatility at its finest. Wooden pant hangers are the perfect way to clip artwork. Use modpodge, washi tape or paint to decorate plain hangers, and you will instantly have a charming

gallery wall