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47% of People Admit They Would Splurge on This Unusual Type of Home

Do you believe in fate?

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These 10 Cities Are Your Best Bet for Finding a Home Under $100K

Here are the most promising listings.

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I’ve Designed 19 Rental Properties—These Details Get Guests to Hit “Book”

Curb appeal matters, but so do en suite bathrooms.

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The Most-Searched Term on Zillow in 2020 Is a Mood

A look back at four of our favorite examples.

8 Little-Known Reno Secrets That Save Real-Estate Developers Thousands

8 Little-Known Reno Secrets That Save Real-Estate Developers Thousands

Don’t pick and choose your appliances.

anne hathaway lighting a candle

Anne Hathaway’s Nolita Studio Is Our New Favorite TV Apartment

It can be yours for $3.5 million.

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We Didn’t Think Much of This Room Pre-COVID, But Now Its Value Is Up 99%

The ultimate motivator to renovate.

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Why Millennial Home Buyers’ Renovation Estimates Tend to Be $15K Off

Even if it’s not a fixer-upper.

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What One First-Timer Learned from Designing a House from the Ground Up

Like how to build around sunlight.

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How This Homeowner Scored a Tiny Red Farmhouse That Had 8 Other Offers

Would you waive your inspection?

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The Best City to Live in When You Have a $1,000 Rent Budget

Fresh air and financial freedom.

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How Much Money Gen Z and Millennials Are Setting Aside for Renos This Year

We’ve got ideas for how to stretch it.

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Now That We’re Free From Commuting, Here’s Where Everyone Is Moving

Peace of mind exists out West.

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We’ve Got Intel on the Ideal Home Listing Price Right Now

And the magic number is…

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The Overlooked Room Homeowners Are Renovating Before They Move

You can recoup 40 to 80 percent of your investment.

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Money-Conscious Gen-Zers Are Buying Homes in These Midsize Cities

They’re taking advantage of low mortgage rates.

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Would You Move to a Zoom Town?

Remote work has inspired yet another real-estate trend.

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I Bought My First Fixer-Upper in the Peak of COVID and It Almost Bankrupted Me (Twice)

The owner’s “most humbling experience” offers lessons for next time.