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What Actually Happens to Your Body When You Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep on a consistent and nightly basis sounds nearly impossible in this day and age, right? After all, one in three Americans aren’t getting enough sleep every single night. But as a motivator to start prioritizing sleep, we chatted with a sleep expert about what actually happens to your body when you do get great sleep—immediately and over time. The results are astounding…

5 Quick Bedroom Changes for a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep should be pretty simple, right? But lately, with modern technology and daily troubles, it seems to be anything but. Thankfully, we talked to a handful of experts about simple ideas to take back your sleep, and turn your bedroom into a sleeping oasis. From paint colors to mattresses to the perfect sleeping temperature—here’s 5 quick tips to help you get to sleep.

How to Get Better Beauty Sleep for $0

We know sleep is important, but did you know how you’re sleeping on your pillow could be causing premature aging? It’s one of the biggest causes of fine lines and wrinkles, right after sun exposure. Here’s how to sleep better.