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This Simple Decor Swap Helped Me Fall Asleep Fast

It's time to rethink your night light.

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I thought I was doing my mind a favor when I eschewed Netflix for books before settling into bed, but even after consuming chapter after chapter, I found it hard to really wind down. I pride myself on keeping my bedroom extra-cozy, but finally, I realized one crucial element was all wrong: My bedside lamp was keeping me awake.

More specifically, the lightbulb in my bedside lamp was keeping me awake. A standard LED bulb that came with the lighting fixture, it emitted a cool-toned glow that was especially effective at brightening my room without requiring the use of overhead lighting. It was not effective, however, at preparing my body for bedtime.

There has been plenty of research on the detrimental effects of blue light, which is found not only in screen-based tech like cell phones and laptops, but also in LED light bulbs. Although they’re energy- (and therefore, environmentally) conscious, LEDs emit a high amount of blue light, which inhibits production of melatonin—the hormone that helps you to fall asleep. It also affects your circadian rhythm, so it can mess up your entire sleep schedule.=

The simple solution: buy warm-toned LEDs! When I swapped the light bulb in my bedside lamp with a pink-toned LED, I gave my space a welcoming, rosy glow, and I also found it easier to fall asleep once I reached a satisfying point in my book. If pink’s not your vibe, then other warm-toned picks (like orange or red) can also give you enough light to read or go about your evening routine, without messing up your body’s sense of time. Round it out with a fun, new bedside lamp, and you’ll find a new meaning to the phrase “beauty sleep.”

The Light Bulbs

Pink-Colored A19 Dimmable Filament LED Clear Glass Light Bulb, Feit Electric, $4.88

Pink-toned light casts a dreamy, romantic glow. This option is a definitive stylistic choice that’s complimentary to cooler-toned spaces.

Orange LED A19 Light Bulb, Sunlite, $10.59

In between red and pink, orange offers a warm, sunset-like effect, making it a great option for earth-toned interiors.

Red LED A19 Light Bulb, Sunlite, $8.02

Red light is most conducive to sleep, but its look can be a bit dramatic for some tastes. Pair it with a white lampshade to diffuse the light and make it look just a bit more mellow.

The Lamps

Lisette Lamp Ensemble, Anthropologie, $168

Faded terracotta with an elaborate 3D pattern grants this lamp a new bohemian vibe. Its simple white lampshade makes it uncomplicated and classic enough to jive with a number of different styles.

Montreal Wren Assembled Table Lamp, Project 62, $37.99

When in doubt, simplify, simplify, simplify. This all-over white pick is well-suited to a pop of color in the form of a sleep-inducing bulb.

Paramount Table Lamp, CB2, $59.95

Go totally bold with a long, cylindrical glass option. Since colored bulbs can offer just a little less light than you may be used to, this option offers maximum brightness, without the inhibition of a lampshade.

Staggered Glass Table Lamp, West Elm, $149

No shade, no problem. This unfussy globe lamp fits well on even the smallest of bedside tables—plus, it comes equipped with a USB port for easy phone-charging.

Bicoca Table Lamp, A+R Store, $210

All-over yellow looks perfectly cheerful in the form of this cute lamp. Pair it with a sunset-hued light bulb, and it will feel extra-special.

Bimini Table Lamp, Structube, $79

The simple wooden base of this table lamp makes it the perfect pick for a mid-century space.

Ettie Lamp Ensemble, Anthropologie, $139.95

The pale pink base of this lamp of this lamp gives it a spa-like appeal. Plus, its artful ceramic shape is equal parts experimental and minimal.

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