Tracee Ellis Ross Hand-Washes Linen With This $17 Amazon Score

Plus her go-to drying method.

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In a delightful reminder that celebrities are just like us, actor Tracee Ellis Ross recently shared a candid moment from her laundry room: figuring out how to wash a brand-new dress for the first time. Known for her impeccable style and impressive wardrobe, Ross is no stranger to hand-washing, but this time she was navigating how to properly launder linen.

In the video, Ross explains that the summery Prada piece is made 100 percent from the natural fabric, and because it is a luxury item, it’s crucial to take good care of it.  Without the help of a personal assistant or housekeeper, she did what any of us would do: She researched the best way to wash linen online. In her post, she shared some valuable tips for ensuring that the material retains its charm after each wash. 

Lavender and Rose Linen Wash 

The Diamond Life Lavender u0026amp; Rose Luxe Linen Wash


First? Hand-wash the textile in room-temperature water. Ross used a “teeny little bit” of the Diamond Life’s Lavender and Rose Linen Wash (a 16-ounce bottle goes for a cool $17, but it can also be used on other delicate items like Egyptian/Turkish cotton sheets) and let it soak a bit. While she explicitly states you should not wring out this material, she responded to followers that she did roll the item up in a big towel and stand on it to absorb some of the excess water before laying it out flat to air-dry. And that’s it. An unexpected laundry lesson from a style icon is always welcome.

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