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$2 Storage Bins, a Cute Caddy, and More Dorm Items You’ll Have for Keeps

Your first post-college apartment will thank you.
Photography by Claire Cottrell

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When you really stop and think about it, decorating a dorm room isn’t that different from filling any other space: It all comes down to the just-right products that can transform even the most ill-lighted, dingy four walls into a chic, relaxing oasis.

Thankfully, most of us at Domino have been through college moving day more than once, and we know what works. From caddies to cappuccino makers, here are the best college dorm room essentials that’ll take a recent high school grad through four years—and beyond. Because there’s nothing more wasteful than tossing everything semester after semester.

Bunk Mate

Classic Move-In Bundle

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Good news for any high school grad: Brooklinen’s super-popular bedding bundles—which includes a fitted and flat sheet, duvet cover, and four pillowcases—also come in twin XL, the standard size of most dorm room beds.

Ice, Ice Baby

Retro Mini Fridge

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A retro-leaning mini fridge fits a few cans of LaCroix, late-night study snacks, and definitely no beer.

Daily Grind

Y3.3 Espresso Machine by illy

Williams Sonoma
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All-nighters and early-morning lectures call for a bold cuppa. This teeny espresso maker will look great on a first apartment’s counter, too.   

Reflect on This

Caspian Vanity Mirror

West Elm
$60 $30
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Spend as little time in the communal bathroom as possible with a vanity mirror that has a tray for displaying skin care or jewelry.

Test the Waters

Felix Folding Shower Caddy

Urban Outfitters
$14 $10
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A lilac caddy stands out among a sea of basic ones, and in four years, it can store cleaning products under a kitchen sink. 

Smart Storage

Pärkla Storage Case

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Moving spaces every few months can get stressful. Contain everything in these inexpensive—as in $2 each—bags that slide easily under a bed or, on moving day, can be tossed in a car trunk.

Golden Hour

Sunset Lamp by Tsrarey

$30 $15
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Overhead lighting can be rough, but this TikTok-famous lamp casts a sunset-like glow over any space.

Hit the Floor

Rangstrup Rug

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A bright and narrow flat-weave rug livens up linoleum while fitting perfectly between two twin beds. Later, use in a first-apartment hallway.

Wash and Go

Corner Hamper

Crate u0026 Kids
$89 $55
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Maximize a dorm room’s four corners with a hamper that unclips and is easy to transport on laundry day.

Clean Living

Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner by eufy

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An upright vacuum is a no-go in a tight space, but this compact wireless one is small enough to store away in a drawer.