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I take the air quality in my home pretty (okay, very) seriously—some might even call me obsessive. Since we live in Northern California, wildfires are an inevitability, and an air purifier is as necessary as any other household appliance. Ours is running regularly, continuously monitoring our home for dust and toxins in the air.

While my compulsion began during one particularly devastating wildfire season a few years back, it only grew after I gave birth last summer. I immediately put our R2-D2-size purifier in the baby’s room. I didn’t care what it looked like; I just wanted clean, safe air flowing. And honestly, I hadn’t given much thought to the fact that one could be beautiful. Sure, I was aware of others on the market that promised subtlety and a low-key look (and a steep price tag), but I was skeptical of the efficiency. To me, the fact that it worked well was what mattered most.

So when I came across the prelaunch for Dupray’s Bloom model, officially released today, I was intrigued. An air purifier that isn’t a complete eyesore and also touts effectiveness? Win-win. In fact, its sleek look is meant to blend in—so much so that it actually functions as a piece of decor itself. After taking the new hybrid air purifier for a spin, here’s why I love it.

 The Bloom Air Purifier

Courtesy of Dupray

The Three-in-One Use

So how does it work? The Bloom is made by the company Dupray, which also has a line of popular steam cleaners. It has all the capabilities you would expect from an air purifier—a HEPA-13 medical-grade filtration system and an automatic fan adjustment that activates when it senses particles in the air. The purifier also has a 360-degree rotation, so it can be placed in rooms up to 1,517 square feet, an important factor to consider when purchasing. It promises to remove 99.97% of air pollutants, ranging from mold and bacteria to dust and pet dander. Worth noting is the three-year limited warranty. Overall, I definitely noticed it making a difference, based on the air breathability and absence of odors.

But perhaps one of the most interesting elements that makes it stand out is that it’s actually three products in one. (Yes, you read that right.) While the filtration system lives on the bottom, the upper part of the purifier doubles as a planter or table.

Courtesy of Dupray

The Breezy Setup

Most air purifiers are tough to lift out of the box, let alone lug up stairs. But the first thing I noticed upon unboxing was how light the Bloom is—there wasn’t a ton of unnecessary packaging, which is always a plus. I removed the power adapter, plastic planter, and circular wood piece that can rest on top and then set everything up with instructions accessible from an included QR code. While all the plant accessories are included, you’ll need to add on the tabletop; it’s priced at $35.

I received a few washable prefilters, which come in 13 hues and attach to the bottom. These antibacterial sleeves help to catch larger particles in the air and make the life of the internal HEPA filter last longer. Gray is always included, but each additional filter color costs $20. I love that they can be washed, so you aren’t throwing them out after each use (just replace them every few months, as suggested) and can have fun with the look and tailor it to your space. I stuck with the included option to stay aligned with the tones in our nursery, but I love the idea of swapping in other colors eventually.

The Intuitive Features

Once the prefilter was on, I plugged it in and it was good to go. The air quality alert system is straightforward: It lights up green, yellow, and red and automatically runs based on the amount of particle matter detected. Then there is one of my favorite parts: The indicator light fades away to stay inconspicuous. (If it’s illuminated all the time, I get a little too focused on it.) To turn the light on again, all you have to do is tap the button on the front. You can manually turn the fan up or down, too.

I wish that the machine gave you a clearer understanding of the types of particles it was cleaning from the air; the interface, while sleek enough to convince you it’s just a planter, doesn’t offer that level of detail. It can also be a little loud when turned on the highest setting. That could be a turnoff for some, but it doesn’t matter too much to me—I like to think of it as the machine’s fourth use, because it provides white noise that the baby loves.

Courtesy of Dupray

The Planter Play

I decided to try the air purifier as a table before planting anything in it. I rested the wood piece on top and it instantly transformed into a perch for baby books. After using the Bloom like this for a week or so, I gave it a whirl as a planter. The tabletop has three short legs attached, which lets it act as a plant stand when not being used as a surface. The plastic container easily comes out, and it has a piece for drainage, so I could seamlessly place soil and a peace lily in there and pop it back into the base. Adding the greenery really took the purifier’s look to the next level. 

The Final Word

You really can’t beat the good looks and versatility of the Bloom air purifier—it’s essentially three (or four, if you ask me) items in one. And at $250, the price is extremely reasonable compared to similar purifiers on the market. It’s efficient and blends into my home beautifully. Plus who doesn’t love having a place to put a new plant baby?

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